Olympics in 2012 Held in The UK

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With all the celebration like the wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, Prince Philip’s 90th birthday and his celebration, the many disasters round the world and troubles in the Middle East, the coming Olympics in 2012 held in the United Kingdom is not in the limelight as yet but the preparations are well under way.

However, not only the athletes are training hard but tickets are sold to 1.8 million people already.They applied for the 20 million tickets available for various events. For unknown reasons, some events are not very popular and yet others tickets could have been sold many times over.  Fans who bought the 6.6million tickets online will be told on the 24 June 2011 which event is available to them.The system was set up to sell tickets in general but people will not know which event was allocated to them, at that time.

One million people wanted to have a ticket for the men’s 100 metres final at the Olympic Games in London. Organisers were inundated requesting a ticket located for this event on 5 August next year.  As amatter of fact the demand was so great it could have sold tickets 20 times over. Only half of the seats of 80,000 seated stadium were made available to the public. The other half, 40,000 seats, are allocated to sponsors, VIPs and media.

It was Lord Coe’s idea to sell tickets, withdraw the money from the accounts,  and then advice them which event they were given. This new way of selling tickets came under critism but Lord Coe defended himself with the point, people knew the rules beforehand.

Tickets prices are £20 to £725 for the 100 metres final. However, for the opening ceremony the ticket price could reach £2,012.

With the Olympic held in London and various other places in Britain are used for the competition plus the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen’s reign, Britain will certainly be in the eyes of the world next year in the summer. .

Now with all the other celebrations behind us it looks like we can look forward to the Olympic games. Since time foes so quickly it won’t be long the Opening Ceremony will be on the TV.

There is also great expectation for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. The Queen already ordered two extra holidays which are going to be Monday and Tuesday for the people to be able to celebrate with her. She is hoping people will be having street parties again. Street parties are a proper British way of celebrating great events. Everybody brings out tables, chairs, decorations, drinks and food. Everybody then joins in to have a good time and celebration. Hopefully the weather will be hot enough. 


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