Writing Online is Both Disapointing And Rewarding

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Writing articles and publishing them on the online is very rewarding and enjoyable.  If you decide to start writing articles and publish them online there are many sites available where you can do this.  There are several sites where you can publish your articles and get paid.  Most of these sites pay so much per view.  Most of them are very similar.

Publishing articles on line can be great.  There are many reputable sites but there are also some that are scams.  There are some that pay so little you will not make enough to pay for your supplies.

There are a couple of sites that pay fairly well but they are not dependable.  One of these sites pays well for each view and they also offer incentive pay.  They are easy to write for but the problem is you will often times not receive the pay you have figured that you have coming.  If you question your pay you will usually have your account closed.  You will be notified your account is being audited.  You usually do not get the money you still have coming.  Sometimes you will not be given a reason for your account being closed.  Sometime you will be told you violated their terms of use.  What they are really saying is you plagiarized some ones work. 

Some novice writers plagiarize some one else’s work and they do not even know it.  When you write articles and publish them online you probably do some or all of your research on the internet.  If you do your research on the internet it is very easy to plagiarize because you will find several articles written by different writers that have the same information.  Some of it is written word for word.

A good example is if you write an article about a dog disease you will research the disease on the internet.  You check out 6 or 8 web sites and they all describe the symptoms of the disease the same way.  Some articles have the identical wording….  You read all of these articles as research for your article.  You list your sources which is good.  When you describe the disease symptoms your wording is very similar to the wording in your research articles.  You did not enclose your symptoms in quotations so you are accused of plagiarism.  You must be careful of these sites.

Triond is a very reputable website.  They are easy to write for.  You must publish your article on their site first then you can publish it else where.  There is no requirement on the length of you articles.  You can publish many different types of articles.  Triond will pay for your articles.  You will get paid per view

Bukisa is another great site to submit articles to.  You must have a chikta or adsense account to get paid.  It is easy to obtain either one of these accounts.  Bukisa requires that your articles be at least 350 words in length.  You can submit recipes but they must also be 350 words in length.

Helium has many topics you can write about.  Your pay depends on where your article ranks.  They have contests and awards. If your articles do not rank well your pay will be very little.  This is the way it is with just about every site. 

Suite 101 is considered the place to write.  They are considered the cream of the crop.  Not everyone gets to write for Suite 101.  You have to submit two writing samples.  They check out your work and decide if you qualify to write for them.  Be prepared to be turned down. 

They will tell you your work does not meet their standards.  They will tell you they want well executed articles.  They will tell you your article has grammar and spelling errors.  You can put your article through grammar and spell checkers and they will still find errors.  They will tell you that your level of education and experience is not adequate. 

If you can get accepted Suite 101 is a good place for people who want to make a career out of writing.  Their pay can be good.

If you like to write “how to do things” articles check out eHow and Firehow.  They are both good Firehow is easier to write for.   Ehow articles now have to go through Demand studios editing process.  They are quit strict.

Writing articles can be very enjoyable and rewarding.  It can also be disappointing until you get established.  Any of these sites would be a great place to start. 


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