How to Avoid a Workout Plateau

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  1. First off, the most simple: Rotate your routine. You can keep the same weight, just do your workouts in another order. Let’s say you have three chest workouts in your routine: Flat, incline and decline press, in that order. Keeping the same weight, do the incline first, followed by decline, and then finish up with the flat press. This makes the incline easier to do since it’s first and makes the flat press tougher now that it is last. Keep with this routine until the flat press is as easy as it was when it was first.  

  2. Forced reps: Have somebody spot you whileyou do a set that is heavier than what you know you can do. This is very effective, but try not to overuse it. Use a weight where the spotter has to help you out on the last couple reps.  
  3. Partials: This technique involves finishing your set, even if you can’t do an entire rep. Your body may reach a sticking point during a set. You feel burning or fatigue, your muscles just won’t move. Instead of stopping the set, continue on doing only what your body will allow. If it means only doing a bunch of half reps, then so be it.  
  4. Drop sets: This is another great way to shock your body into more growth. Do your sets as normal, only when you finish one, drop the weight a little and quickly do another set. Keep going until you can’t execute a set, even with the smallest amount of weight.  
  5. Pyramiding: The opposite of drop sets. This is very tiring but also extremely effective. Start out light and around 15 reps. With each set, raise the weight and lower the reps. 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps is ideal.Do each set until failure. This will probably finish you off for the day so it takes so much energy to perform.  
  6. The final tip, and possibly the best one. REST! If you have plateaued, use one of the above mentioned techniques then give yourself a long, deserved rest. I’m talking about a full week off. Maybe a run here and there to stay in shape but that’s it. During that week just focus on drinking a ton of water and taking in LOADS of protein. When you hit the gym a week later you’ll be amazed at how you feel.


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