Looking Good Through Personal Hygiene

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When your personal hygiene is right, you become looking good, clean, healthy, and happy. The following steps would help you achieve the best in this respect:

1. Observe Regular and Daily Tooth brushing.

Tooth brushing should start first thing in the morning. Brush your teeth two or three times daily, or after each meal. Your tongue should be cleansed using your toothbrush. You must floss daily. There is the need also to see your dentist once a year.

2. Shower Twice Daily.

To look good and clean, you should shower daily, in the morning and at evening or night. If you involve in sports, sweat generating exercise, and in much dirty work, you need to shower at anytime you finish accomplishing such. Showering regularly helps keep away body odor.

Do not share your bathing towel. Use cotton swab to clean out excess wax in your ears.

Wash your face daily. Do so at least once a day, to remove all dirt that you may contact. This would also help keep wrinkles and pimples away.

Use a moisturizer to ensure that your face remains fresh and renewed.

3. Wash and Iron Your Clothes.

Wash your clothes after one or two times of wearing. Preferably when you sweat or notice your collar and some other parts become dirty. Ironing should also be carried out after washing and drying.

4. Keep Your Nails Trimmed.

Watch out and trim your nails when they grow. This would prevent debris or dirt underneath the nails.

5. Remove Unwanted Hair.

To look gook and clean, you need to get rid of unwanted hair on your face or other places you do not want them to appear. Remove hair that grow out of your nostrils, ears, chin, upper and lower lips, etc. you can shave or use any other hair removal strategy, like hot waxing, laser hair removal, and electrolysis method, etc.

Have the hair on your head cut if grown. This is determined by the length of your hair. You can get your hair cut in every six to ten weeks.

Keep the hair on your head clean and conditioned, to enable it become strong and healthy. Do not wash it too frequently, to avoid making it dry and brittle.

6. Use Acne Prevention Cleanser.

If you have acne, use acne prevention cleanser to cover breakouts and prevent further acne. Do not squeeze or pick on the acne, this would worsen the situation.

Use oil blotting sheets for oily skin. Get the blotting sheets and soak out oil from your face throughout the day. This would enable your face look good and clean.

7. Avoid Foot Troubles And Odor.

Air out your shoes after use and change socks. Dust your shoes with baby powder. Do not wear shoes without socks, to avoid odor.

Dress cuts and burns if present. Cover all cuts, sores, and burns regularly. Better prevent yourself from having cuts and burns.

8. Avoid Strong Fragrance Or Perfumes.

Use soaps with less fragrance, which may cause offensive odor. Shower with less harsh or gentle soap. Also, perfumes with strong fragrance, which produces strong and offensive odor, should be avoided. Maintain a clean personal hygiene, and there would be no need of perfumes.

9. Observe Regular Washing Of Hands.

Most infections are got through the hands. So, wash your hands often to keep germs away.

Wash your hands with soap after touching saliva or vomit, after contact with animals, rubbish bins, the sick, after work, or after changing infants diaper, etc.

With the above tips for personal hygiene, you shall become good looking and clean.


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