Aromatherapy to Help Heal Your Body

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Aromatherapy can be used to heal your body. Step back to the days when you’d come home to cookies or cake baking in the oven. The deep inhalation of those ingredients could relax you instantly. Is it any wonder that the smell of home-baked goodies can be found in candles and essential oils?
How to use aromatherapy

There are many different ways to use aromatherapy to help heal your body.

    * Candles
    * Diffusers
    * Bath Salts
    * Essential Oil Massage

The primary benefit of aromatherapy is to reduce stress. Once the stress is being reduced, the body can then focus on healing other problems. Stress has to be eliminated for this to work.

Set up your candle or whichever medium you wish to use. Relax your mind and body. Breath deeply of the scent. Repeat this as often as necessary to keep stress at a minimum.

    * Relaxing Aromatherapeutic Bath Salts
      Dead Sea bath salts are filled with minerals that are good for your skin. For centuries the Dead Sea has provided relief from many skin disorders and muscle pain to people from all over the world.

Which Aroma for Aromatheraphy?

Lavender and cinnamon are the two best scents for reducing stress.

    * Inhale these using a diffuser or directly from the bottle.
    * Buy candles in these scents and keep them lit throughout your day.
    * Keep a home-made inhaler handy with the scent.

Making an inhaler:

   1. Take an old Vick’s inhaler and pull out the cotton from the inside. Wash thuroughly.
   2. Soak a few cotton balls in scent.
   3. Replace these inside the inhaler.
   4. Snap everything back together.
   5. Carry wherever you go for an instant burst of stress relief.

Vanilla is a good scent to get you going when you are having a sluggish day.

Mint will help with headaches and stomach troubles.

Chamomile is good for the aches and pains. It is the best oil to use in a massage to relax tension out of muscles.

Gardenia oil can be used as a mood enhancer when you are feeling a bit blue.
Make Your Own Bath Salts for Aromatheraphy


1 C of Epsom Salt

2 – 3 Drops of food coloring (try to match to scent)

2 – 3 Drops of essential oil

In a ceramic or metal bowl (do not use plastic) mix all ingredients together and then store in an air tight container made of glass, metal, or ceramic.

Add 2 – 3 tablespoons to your bath when you get ready to use your bath salts.
Investigate the Possibilities

Go online and research the many benefits of aromatherapy and what different scents can be used for to further your healing process.

Check out your local herb shop and get to know the manager. Start by asking for pamphlets that you can read up on before you buy.


As with anything new, if you are having a severely depressed state or experiencing extreme stress, check with your doctor or a medical professional. Underlying health conditions can be mimicked by other things and need to be checked.


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