Herbal And Foods Supplements Remedy For Arthritis

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Nature has alternative to the non steroid drugs, this drug is derived from the exoskeleton of the arthropods such as crab. It is called glucose amine sulfate. It is known that patients who take glucose amine sulfate have a high percentage of improvement within on month.

Glucose amine sulfate is a compound consisting of glucose, sulfur, and glutamine – an amino acid. Glucose amine produces proteoglycans and collagen, which holds the collagen together and retains water in the cartilage. Glucosamine also aids cells in the cartilage to produce more proteoglycans and collagen. Glucosamine may help repair some cartilages that are repairable. Glucosamine is a dependable medication that can aid in fighting osteoarthritis.

Multivitamins Remedy

You must take multivitamins daily to help bring healing and health. Daily multivitamins should comprise of vitamins C, E, and B complex.

Helpful Herbs

i. Devil’s Claw

An herb called the devil’s claws, with long history of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and digestive stimulant, has much ability in the treatment of arthritis.  Indigestion can affect the joints. Undigested proteins called peptides can bring about an abnormal immune response. The body sometimes considers peptides as foreign bodies and in response produces a large amount of antibodies or histamine.

It has been found out that in some patients that when there is improvement in the digestive system, inflammation and pains reduces. The stoppage of pain is caused by the Devil’s claw, reduces inflammation, pain, and at the same time    

ii. Cat’s Claw

This is a Peruvian rainforest herb with anti-inflammatory properties. The herb has antiviral, anti-tumor actions, and cleansing ability for the intestinal tract. It is also an immune booster herb.

iii. Horsetail

The herb has been used to treat external and internal injuries. It has the ability to speed up the use of calcium in the body, due to its high silica content. The herb is good for use in boosting circulation. It speeds up the healing of broken bones. It is a mild and natural diuretic. This herb is important in regenerating connective tissues and keeping them strong.

Other herbs abound in the use of treating arthritis. One can be made into herbal tea and taken three times daily. You should consult a medical expert to help you.

Stay wholly healthy.


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