Sikh/hindu And Moslem Marriages

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I confess that I have not thought of this topic much after my affair with a Moslem dentist girl in my younger days. It was good while it lasted. The inevitable happened and I proposed to the girl only to be rebuffed. We broke up as the girl wanted me to convert to Islam. This was something that I could not countenance. My story ended there.

But some time back a fellow officer and close friend came to me and asked me for advice. It appeared his son a surgeon had come home and told his father that he was going to marry a Moslem girl. The girl was a dentist and worked in the same hospital as the boy. It appeared the girl had agreed for the wedding in case the boy converted to Islam and accepted that Allah was his prophet. The boy was asked to renounce his present religion. Incidentally the boy and his father are Sikhs.

I could not give any advice except to suggest that he could agree to the wedding in case conversion was not a factor. Though in my heart of hearts I knew this was impossible. The last I heard was that the boy had converted to Islam and married the girl. The parents were shocked, but somehow this does not shock me. Yes! Sex is a great attraction, but the moral fiber in the children is weak. I could say no to conversion, but not this boy who gave up 28 years of a life as a Sikh and became a Moslem has to reply to his conscience. Did he really believe in Islam? Did his heart agree to renounce the Gurus who sacrificed so much for the Sikhs? images.jpeg

Islam is a great faith, but there is an element of rigidity in everyday life .This primarily by the uninformed who hold the progressive majority to ransom. It is certainly a good thing to be firm about your religion, but to insist on conversion is I feel something that can be avoided. This phenomenon is not confined to India and almost all over the world in case you love a Moslem girl you must convert. Let us all think what can be the solution. I see none as the call from the mosque is stronger than the bell from the temple.


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