Why Shouldn't we Admit Our Crime?

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Why shouldn’t we admit our crime?

I am amazed to read that Americans by and large admit their crime immediately when caught by the police. I used to wonder why. Later I learnt that the punishment would be far less if they do so and sometime they may even get off with a simple warning.

Not so in India. Never, would an offender accept that he had done a mistake. And our great lawyers too advise their client to deny and deny vehemently any charge brought upon him so that the case is prolonged and the lawyer earns his fees.

I think it’s a good thing to admit one’s fault. All of us are not saints. We do commit blunders against our neighbours or against the country’s laws. Accordingly shouldn’t we be ready to serve the punishment awarded for it? By denying a charge, don’t think you would go free or the court would quash the case. Never. If anything you would have wasted much of your own time and would have also received a greater punishment as well because the prosecution would prove that you have been guilty.

I hold a view that the Indian society would be holier if everyone desists from doing anything wrong or regret one’s lapses without delay. Won’t we then start trusting people, respect them and accept their word as the truth?

Our Indian history and various tales of daily life years back, give us a different picture of ancient India whereof no one ever made a wrong statement, they were law abiding citizens, always acted according to their conscience and stuck to their word.

In a particular quarrel, an elderly man pointed out to an young man, “Your grand father had committed to selling this land for fifteen thousand rupees. Why are you backing out of the commitment?”

“Did my grandpa say so?” the young man asked tightening his forehead.
“Of course.”:
“Then it is done, Sir. Can’t let down my grandpa. Don’t need any further proof. I take your word.”

This was the kind of argument one witnessed some two hundred years back but not so any more. A modern and well qualified young man would demand to see grandpa’s pledge in writing! Even then he might have challenged the signature.

I suppose high education and too much of sophistication persuade people to live an artificial life throwing to the winds the voice of one’s conscience even defying God.

Shall we work for a better society?


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