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Rod Stinson
The Man With The Right Recipe

Rod Stinson is the brains behind the Secret Formula Teleseminar nicknamed as the “Pizza Box Formula.” He has been doing online and offline sales for 23 years now and recently generated a big buzz selling a highly effective marketing system. But he didn’t immediately find himself rolling in money when he began working from home.
He used to be a third generation machinist who spends 50 to 60 hours a week working. And yet, he’s only making enough to get by. He first learned about MLM marketing from an ad he saw when he came home from work one night. After inquiring about it, he decided that he just couldn’t see himself selling skin care products. Later on, he was able to find a company with a suitable product line. He impulsively quitted his day job to concentrate on multilevel marketing. Unfortunately, despite of working 12-15 hours daily, he was just getting along on a shoestring. And after four years in the business, he found himself flat broke.
Rod Stinson eventually realized that the marketing techniques instructed to him by the people who are supposed to be experts in that field, are ineffective. So, he scrapped those obsolete theories and sought for new strategies. He came across a method called Direct Response Marketing, and applied it to MLM after tweaking it a little bit. He became skilled at creating ads that brought the prospects to him, saving him the trouble of finding them. It worked so well that it made Rod one of the top earners in the network marketing industry during the 90’s.
For nineteen out of his twenty three years of working in the industry, he made around five to six figures monthly. What made this guy so successful? Read on to get a glimpse of his money-raking secret.
Rod Stinson’s Secret Formula to Marketing Success
After working his fingers to the bone in the network marketing business, he noticed a flaw in the business model of monthly membership programs and MLM’s. Around 90-93% of the members quit in half a year. A big chunk of the income from recruiting and selling products goes to the company while leaving only a small fraction to the member.
Rod Stinson, with an intention of making money a breeze for experts and amateurs alike, devised the Secret Formula Teleseminar. The concept was originally drafted at the back of a pizza box. Hence, it was given a title as simple as the system itself, the “Pizza Box Formula.”It is an all-inclusive-business-in-a-box that provides you with business tools, training videos and a marketing system that you can apply to both new and existing businesses. The system will take care of the time consuming work for you, so you can focus on entertaining prospects that are also very eager to join you in benefiting from Rod Stinson’s secret formula for selling successfully.
And the best thing about this system is that it allows you to keep 100% of the profit you gained from every prospect that grabs this one of a kind business opportunity. In short, every time you close a sale, the profit goes directly to you. You get to reap all of what you sow!
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