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The first directory you should use is dmoz because a listing in dmoz creates two significant links one from dmoz and one from the Google directory. Both of these have decent Page Rank.(Google spiders dmoz just like any other site) dmoz is also known as the open directory project (ODP) and is a large categorized directory of websites and pages.

A directory submission listing can be a great way to get some one way links. The only problem is that many of these website directories waste your time because they never get around to adding your link and that’s because most directory owners start out with great intentions they plan to add only quality sites to their directory and review all submissions thoroughly but once a directory reaches a choke point some owners find that it is not profitable to spend the time adding any more submissions.

The only problem with directory submissions is that it can be an incredibly tedious process. There are countless different directories and trying to get your site listed by all of them can be hugely time consuming, and not everyone has the time to spare.

There are a lot of companies out there who will do all your directory submissions for you. They’ll know just what to do to get your site listed and will have the skills and the knowledge to do it far quicker than you ever could on your own which is good, But that kind of service is not cheap so be prepared to open your wallet a few times especially with a new website.

Most webmasters already know that Google places a great deal of importance on links from High PR websites when determining the value and popularity of every website. If this is the case, it really doesn’t make much sense if webmasters don’t take advantage of that information and improve their website’s PR which can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes a day.

As your website’s PR improves, so will your search results on Google and the other search engines. Over a period of time you will see the number of visitors that frequent your website also increase. It is impossible for a website to be profitable without a sufficient number of visitors each day. Visitors alone do not guarantee a website’s profitability. It takes visitors that are willing to purchase your products in sufficient quantities that will produce adequate profits.

Now that we know what it takes for a website to be profitable, exactly how do we help to improve a website that has an insufficient number of daily visitors. Rome wasn’t built in a day and there is no instant fix for a website. It takes time, work and patience to create a website that produces adequate profits. Always remember that Success nly comes before work in the dictionary.

For this article, we are only going to discuss the benefits of using High PR Directory Links to improve your website’s PR. There are thousands of directories on the internet and for the most part the majority of these directories are either a PR0, PR1 or a PR2. Generally speaking, most individuals consider High PR links to be PR6-PR9. To be perfectly frank, there are very few directories that actually fall in that particular range.

Needless to say, you don’t want to waste your valuable time listing your website on directories that have a low PR since the majority of those links will probably not improve the popularity of your website. As a matter of fact, Google takes a dim view of a website that is listed on too many directories. With this in mind, the best approach would be to first find a list of at least 150-200 verified directories with a rating of PR3-PR9. Finding such a list will save you a considerable amount of time researching high quality directories. Remember, time is money!

Beware of those websites offering free directory lists. The majority of those sites simply are trying to draw you in as a unique visitor. You will find value in some of the lists but the majority will not have recently verified the PR of the directories on their list. You will also find that some of the Page Rankings have been falsified to make their lists appear to be absolutely outstanding. I can attest to these facts because I’ve wasted a lot of my time being pulled into websites that did not understand what honestly and integrity was! Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes.

Once you have found an adequate list of directories, you will then need to plan how you are going to utilize such a list. Personally, my basic strategy would consist of spending no less than 15 minutes each day listing my website on one new directory. If 15 minutes is good, then 20 minutes should be twice as good! If you make sure that you complete this task each morning when you begin your work day, you will be sure to accomplish your long term objective.

Start with the directories with the highest PR and work your way down the list. By listing your website on one new directory each day you will have approximately 200 outstanding links pointing to your website within 9 months. This assumption is based on 5 new listings per week which Google will be delighted to see. The only thing that could get in your way is procrastination. If you have taken the time to create a great looking website, then take the time necessary to improve your website to the point of profitability.

If you happen to contract with a service that provides link building, make sure that you do not allow them to create thousands of links to your website in a short period of time. First of all, the majority of those links will be to PR0-PR2 directories which will be a waste of your hard-earned dollars. Secondly, Google will take notice of the unnatural building of those links (too many – to quick) and your website will most likely be penalized. Simply utilize the first 15 minutes of your day and list your website on a new directory each morning. Your efforts will produce long-lasting results and will help you take more money to the bank.


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