Bee Sting Therapy Can It Help Multiple Sclerosis

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Bee sting can help in all areas

Bee sting therapy or Apitherapy as it is known has been use for hundreds of years to help and relieve the symptoms of a whole range of conditions and diseases; Apitherapy is the medical use of honey bee products, this can include the use of honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and bee venom.

The biggest claim is the treatment of autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis, most claims have not been proved to a standard that is acceptable to the medical fraternity, but there is at the moment research into the probability


The treatment works by using bee venom to sting various parts of the body, bee venom contains ‘melittin’, a very powerful anti-inflammatory matter, that is said to be 100 times more potent than hydro cortisone, and this helps to activate the body’s adrenal glands, another component of the venom is ‘adolapin’ a powerful pain killer, these two components are able to help with a lot of the symptoms multiple sclerosis patients sufferer from.

Since the days of the Greek and Roman empires Apitherapy has been use in all its forms including honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom to treat arthritis, rheumatism, back pain and skin diseases and now is being use for many other problematic health conditions

Sexual performance

Propolis can be used in treating second degree burns, protecting the liver and even helping sexual performance (I must jot that down) with Royal Jelly there is preliminary evidence that it may have some cholesterol lowering effects and Bee pollen combines 22 amino acids, vitamin C, B-complex and folic acid, polyunsaturated oily acids, enzymes, and carotene all antioxidants, this is important because there is evidence it can help in a lower risk of heart disease and some neurological diseases so as you can see the use of all bee products seem to be to our benefit.

Doesn’t it hurt?

You might say Bee stings hurt; surly that can’t be a good thing? Well people who have had the treatment say in fact that actual pain is part of reason why it works, and if the results from the research now going on, turn out to be of a positive nature, then we will soon see bee sting treatment as part of the medical fight in combating multiple sclerosis.


**As with all alternative health solutions, you would be well advised to see your doctor in the first instance.**

In the mean time you can always enjoy your toast and honey in the morning


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