Some Facts About Scented Candels

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                                                     SOME FACTS ABOUT SCENTED CANDELS                     

A mind-blowing ambiance can be created by a soft flickering flame and pleasing as well as amazing aroma. Effects of wonderfully scented home is such that when you come home from a stressful day you feel relaxed and at ease. A scented candle can do a transformation of your house into your own gateway.

 With times candles have changed they are no longer just mere candles.  Before this candles were a block of randomly shaped wax which consisted of wick band used for lighting. The candles have changed from just being mere candle. Its purpose has changed from providing light to providing scent. The scented candles!!!!!

 Tranquility, coziness, warmth, fragrance are some of the attributes of the room which a scented candles gives to a room  along with that scented candles are equally beautiful give a the room a decorated look. Romantic ambience can be created; it’s the magic of the scented candles which can turn ordinary lights at home into lovely sweet-scented experience.

 High quality pieces should be looked at while buying scented candles. A little more money has to be spend for buying scented candles and one should get scented candles rather than candles with no scents at all or the candles which will never be relit .Checking ingredients of candles are equally important because it is important to know what one is breathing.

 There are special fragrance oils which are specially made for scented candles. These oils are designed for maximum time release unlike other oils used in soaps, lotions, air fresher, cleaning products etc.

Limited quantity of fragrance oil can be held by blend of wax such is the mix of wax and scent. If large quantity of extra cheap oil is used by the manufacturer in making of candle with the view of achieving rich ordered candles they will not be able to do because the extra oil will start flowing out.

 There are varieties of scented candles available in market. They come in different colors, bright colored, one-colored or comprising a mixture of colors. Shapes are different as well. They could be round shaped, cone shaped or sphere shaped. The candles can also be distinguished according to their source material which could be paraffin, plant wax or tallow. The fragrance strength is also diverse varies from candle to candle.

It’s the aroma of candles because of which one candle can be different from others. There are certain stresses reducing candles like lavender or sandalwood. a sad or grumpy person can be made happy with the help of tangerine –scented candels .bergamot candles can be used to make a person calm ,relaxed and give him totally heavenly experience ,and also boost their spirit. There are seasonal candles as well pine candles are used for expiring Christmas atmosphere, chai candles for cold weather and for fresh summer days melon-scented or berry –scented. There is also a wide range of flowers and fruit scents like roses, grape, orange and jasmines.

For homes, offices and gardens, these days besides cleaning, freshening air with scented candles has become a must.


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