The Confused India

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Civil societies feel they represent the mass. Spiritual society feels they have mass followers. It seems India has still long way to go under suffering before arriving at consensus cause and united leader…

Baba Ramdev broke his fast. Which way you react? Feeling happy? Feeling sad? Not able to say anything? This is the actual condition of India. Utter confusion. Although, a big population is strength to any country so far as human power is concerned specially in defence strength, I think sometimes this large number is itself a problem creator. India has such a big population that it can never come to consensus irrespective of how good is the intention. Something similar is happening on the current issue of movement against black money and corruption. If you watch TV news and shows on this hot topic you will realize how and to what extent this India and its society are fragmented.

Typically, The media and news channels, they will announce the news and proclaim their findings as if they are either from United State or from United nation’s representative who behave as if they have no concern to the matter of corruption and black money. Their statement will be so insensitive that are not the citizen of India. I ask have they ever introspected coming out of their cocoon that what is their wish and will as a citizen of India? Can they answer whether they are first an Indian citizen or they are media people? Such apathy towards national goal and ambition is the biggest trouble in the path of growing India. I would like to quote some of their words/phrases: “Baba ramdev ke satyagrah kee hawa nikal gayee” (Baba Ramdev’s Satyagrah was punctured). This is a sarcastic remark. This may be towards an individual whom they might not like. But as a whole this exhibits how insensitive they are to nation’s goal.  “woh accept karte hain kee unkee haar huee hai” ( they (baba) accept that they have lost to government). Like this so many other statements come which are very insensitive. It hurts the sentiments of common people. Why these media people fail to understand that the defeat of baba is not his individual defeat but it is the defeat of “cause” for which whole nation is struggling. May be under the illusion of losing their job despite knowing what is true and what is false, they are doing what, is unethical, apathic and completely disloyalty to country.

I ask is it not their failure too? Do they think Baba ramdev is from England and he is raising the issues of Neptune? It is irony that the so called most intellectual people in the democracy are as confused about their individual responsibility as any kid. If they defend themselves by saying an impartial agent in bringing the matter of fact to the society, I will say they must use words which are only matter of fact. They should not use words of “interpretation” and they should not put spice of “manipulation”. Today, if I look back at the freedom fight movement of India. I am not surprised at the findings that at that time some people were gaddar (betrayer). Why to call them gaddar? They also performed only their duties of being part of British government. If they were truly the gaddar, these media people also are gaddar of modern India. Because, if even after knowing the facts of country, the trauma under which country is sobbing, if people of media licks boot of government and vomits statements against the mass of people or the representative of people, they are simply opportunistic and they are cheating the mass on the name of their job.

Laloo Prasad yadav (ex-railway minister) says “why did he commit fast if he had to break it finally”? I don’t want to talk much about such a selfish man ever in India, who hardly has any ideal philosophy about the country. But I just want to address the state of confusion of this big country about its goal that it doesn’t know what it wants. People forget what for his fast was? This shows India has at least still a segment of society (followers of this great man) who really don’t know what for baba’s fast was. So wait India wait! Time is not yet ripe for a big movement for goodness for all.

Media people say “with the crush of Baba’s Satyagrah movement the dream of Baba coming to politics is shattered”.  I laugh at the immaturity of such people (so called intellectual). are not they citizen of India? Is the failure of such movement like satyagrah not their failure too? Was it that from the beginning itself they were against such movement? So all these episodes are clear indicatives of how fragmented rather I will say how confused we are? We don’t know what we want as a citizen of India? And if at all we know then we don’t know how should we express it?

The extreme of apathy is reflected in the way there script is written and the way they display it on TV. We all know that facial expression reflects what we think and what we want to say. Everybody will agree that sorrow is not expressed with smile and happiness is not expressed with tear (except under ecstasy). These media people will announce the news of movement failure as if it your failure not their.

Government says five thousand or ten thousand people cannot challenge the elected body. There cannot be a parallel government and government will not negotiate with bodies like civil societies. Civil society represents urban demands and needs and spiritual society represents rural destitution. The question is what is the real India then? who is the real representative of people?  What does it want? All this is because of a big population. There is anadage: “Many man many minds”. That is why India is so confused. If millions supprt “me”, the another billion supports “you”, the anthoer billion supports “him”. In a population of 120 million or so, if half has a view, another half or quarter or one third will have counter views as well. In a big mass if something is good for one group the same “something” will be bad for another. So arriving at consensus is difficult and any government will be keen to exploit such opportunities of dilemma, confusion and incongruity. 

First, common people are not able to raise its voice against corruption because they are poor and the government/political parties are powerful. If somebody raises voices we say he is not suitable for this task because either he is a yogi, or he is a social worker, or he is not a politician. Media says it will only bring the truth before people. Media is not concerned. Media will not catch a guilty even if he committing crime just before him. So who will act defacto? This whole India is confused. It doesn’t know what it wants? It seems the suffering is not yet enough to bring the consensus among people. History barks aloud that the movements are successful only if people forget about their individual identity. They come ahead because of the only “casue” and that is they want change. Poople forget if he is a doctor, or he is an engineer or he is a bureaucrat, or social worker or a farmer, or anybody else. The movement moves by its cause. It seems the India as such has not yet reached that stage of suffering where a consensus can be made among all the people forgetting their boundaries and benefits. Today although, common people seem to be the apparent sufferer, the time is yet to come when media voices will match with common people voice. Civil society will realize it is not different than spiritual society. And government will realize that although elected, they are not the mass. There is yet a time to come when all section of people will have same cause. And for that India has to go through more suffering…till then what we are nothing but confused…


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