Health Care BC And Other Rants

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What are the most valuable items that government needs to try and do? I was searching for the details that impacted every of us personally, as there are many things to consider.  For the sake of only 1,000 words or less, I have narrowed it down to only a few items.  

I am going to focus in on insurance to start with.  Some of the areas that the government needs to focus on will probably strike a powerful good cord, some perhaps not so. This list of ideas and thoughts still is presented for you personally to think about and think about in how if implemented they would modify the way government operates, and gives solutions to us.

Study on, after which in the event you care to, give some feedback on these tips. Do you agree?? – disagree?? — and why.

Automobile INSURANCE …

· I personally believe that competition for the insurance business would aid the average individual – in particular the auto sector – we’re getting charged far an excessive amount of. Appear in the millions they are giving to the government and very overpaid staff.

· Throw out ICBC and go back to private insurers so there is some competition in B.C.

Solutions For Loved Ones (Children):

· Stronger initiatives within the province in regards to at risk youngsters – eg Head Start (Federal) a lot more funding is necessary to implement this. There is an aboriginal Head Start off. This may possibly be a thing to consider in particular through Young children and Households

GOVERNMENT Solutions …

· In my humble opinion an efficient government should not be inflating the cost of government controlled services, that include what is now becoming done with BC Hydro, Terasen and ICBC. Exactly where competitors for these solutions doesn’t exist the taxation of an essentially captive market is egregious. To do away with provincial taxes from these services would put a great deal more income into the pockets from the public thereby creating persons much less hostile toward the government run agency.

· Decrease government agencies, lower waste

· let private automobile insurance.

· A lot more accountability in crown corporations, cut down the high escalation of wages (ie: BC Ferries). Really should there be a cap on wages?

BC Health Care

· Healt care or the lack of it inside the Kamloops area can be a situation as surgical wait occasions are horrific. Yet if your prepared to drive to Vernon and book a motel room for the evening, some products possess a wait time of 2 or 3 days to a week in comparison to 9 months to a year in Kamloops.

· The delivery of medical services is on everyone’s mind because the Boomers go senior and the Golden Agers take pleasure in longevity previously unmet. So, at the danger of getting accused of an act of high treason, possibly it truly is time for the province to start out encouraging private health care services to take a number of the burden off the public process; thereby shortening wait occasions and Code Purple scenarios inside the bargain.

· Powerful core values in improving health care in this province. Throwing revenue in the dilemma will not necessarily fix the problem There is a lack of medical doctors within the province and also really need to bring in far more nurses.

· Encourage much more children to remain match, obesity in the province, diabetes is now with a lot younger kids and adults. A great deal more wellness programs inside the schools.

· Stop taking services (ie: medical care) away from rural communities and centralizing them

· Quit treating our paramedics so shabbily, we need to have them, they ought to be adequately compensated and treated royally

· The majority of our provincial spending budget is already committed to the Health Ministry, and our population is aging. How can we do additional with all the dough we currently allocate to Wellness Care, as an alternative to Well being Care swallowing up the whole price range?

Do you agree or disagree with me about the seriousness of our situation?  Please comment below. 


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