Reasons Why Forum Doesn't Want Your Article's Link

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They Will Tell You that You are Spamming by Posting Your Link

After writing for Triond and Bukisa for a long while, I have found out that I usually get banned by posting my link as a reference or just for a related link to my post, the reason?  They told me that I have been considered as spamming on their forum.

Have you ever thought why your published articles does not has enough direct traffic? And you have tried to expose your article’s link to public forum like Yahoo! Answers, you got banned by doing so?  Moreover, get banned by posting your link to any website that would be related to your articles?

Someone will tell you that you are spamming and this is the reason why you are banned…

but actually it is not the truth, you are absolutely not a spamming because you have published a content that is relating to where you are posting your link.

then what is going on and why you got banned?

You Are Hunted by Your Competitor

Besides you, there is lots of freelance writer anywhere around the world, they are also looking for more traffic to their content with any method that is just like you, and that is why they does not want your articles to be popular for the public.  And what do you think they would do?

I have experienced that someone sent me a message for one of my post at Triond’s forum telling me that I am spamming by posting a link that shows any writer who want to get more readership.

But do you think I need to listen to what my competitor’s complaint?

And this is why your posted link may got reported by your competitor, and you got hunted down and banned.

You Are Hurting Someone’s Earning

The other reason you got banned by any public forum because you are hurting their earning (They think!).  Most of the website makes money by selling the space for advertisement with googleadsense or any other sponsor.  Therefore, you will be considered as their competitor if you posted your article’s link on the forum.

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