My Dummies Experience For Picking Up a Girl in a Bookstore

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Can You Just Read a Book and Learn How to Get a Girl interested in You?!

Do you think you could learn any winning pickup line from a book then pickup any girl successfully with that? 

Lots of people think they need to have girlfriend or looking for their soulmate so they would have a better life, but the truth is you will be experiencing lots of heart breaking until you will reach that goal (Unless you already has the advantage to attact woman, but this is not my topic for today).  Then what will you do?

If you walk around the bookstore, you will find that is lots of book talking about how to attact woman.  Writers from all around the world looks like they have already got the idea to show you how to get a girl interested in you fast and easily.  And this is what happened to me…

“Do You Want…?” = “Wanna Sex with Me?”

I remembered that on that day I was walking around the bookstore and find a book called “Dummies for Dating”, that showed me a few pickup line I could use to pickup a girl in a bookstore.  It suggests “Bring this book to a girl and read that line below and she will be interested in you”.

I was excited, feeling like my God or Budda came all the way from Heaven to here showing me the way to get laid.  Do you know what I did next?

I immediate rushed to one of the pretty girl who was sitting at the corner of the bookstore, she was in her white dress and blonde hair that looks like an angel, I thought she would be a easy one for me to try one my pickup line that I just learned from book, and I was expecting the best would be happened.

She was pissed, I guess.  Then she was looking at me with a angry eye that I still remember until now.  Then she opened her month and said something that would only come from a devil, not an angel.

Now you could think the only thing you could do is leaving the bookstore and leave her alone, and that was what I did, sadly.

“No Means No” Girls

Even that was a bad experience, I have learned that if you are not attacted to a girl, your possibility to get her date is none, no matter what winning pickup line or skill you have.  No does always mean No to you.

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