Freelance Writers Guides: 3 Ways to Write Article Ideas For Trade Publications

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One of the primary items that writers struggle with is developing article ideas. Once you have set your sights on write for trade publications, you may be having this same struggle. Let the struggle end today. Discover at least three ways to develop article ideas for trade publications. After idea development, all you have to do is pitch, land the assignment, and write the article. These ideas for story development do assume that you have already studied previous issues of the publication and understand the types of stories and news that the publication typically publishes.

Peruse Newspapers and Magazines

Existing newspapers and magazines, and even other trade publications, can be a rich source for idea generation. When your subscription of one of these publications comes in the mail, lands in your inbox, or you pull it up on the web, set some time aside to sit down and read the publication. As you flip through the publication, look at it from the point-of-view of a writer that is conducting research. When you read a headline and then read the rest of the article, ponder for a moment how you can put a twist on the topic or newsworthy information to meet the needs of the trade publications you want to pitch the story ideas.

Check Out Online Press Releases

Online press releases are in abundance and a great source to turn to when you need a story idea. Companies and organizations post press releases online all over the place. You can also turn to a one-source press release site, such as PRWeb. Scroll through the headlines of the daily postings to see if anything catches your eye. You may be able to turn the press release announcement into a story idea as is, or you may need to create an angle that relates to the trade publications. Developing story ideas with press releases also gives you at least one source for your story.

Some of these press releases even lead you down different paths. For example, a press release may introduce a new study or report that has been published. Typically, the press release provides a link to the full report. When you click over to the full report or survey results, you may discover information that is not covered in the press release, but could be turned into a great article for one of the trade publications you are targeting.

Put a Twist on Existing Specialty or Ideas

No matter what your freelance writing niche is, the odds are good that you have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of existing articles. Review some of the topics of your old articles. Again, evaluate how you may be able to breathe new life into old content by relating it to the topic or industry that the trade publication caters to. This is not about using existing content and passing it off as original content. This is about turning your area of specialty into a useful and relevant article topic that the trade publications you are targeting will pick up.

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