I am Your Liver

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I am your Liver.  I am the largest single solid organ of your body.  I weigh about 1.5 kg.  I am located in the right upper part of your abdomen.  As I am fully enclosed inside your rib cage, I cannot be felt through your abdomen. 

I was mainly created in your body to act as the kitchen.  All the food that you eat has to pass through and get processed by me after being absorbed in the intestines.  Then only they are allowed to be used by your body. 

I have numerous cooks in my kitchen called hepatocytes or Liver Cells.  They take up the food materials which are already broken down into small components.    Different vitamins like vitamin-A and vitamin-B-12 are stored for future  use.  Glucose is stored as Glycogen in my body.  Similarly, fats are made into cholesterol and stored. 

Apart from this, various harmful substances may come to me by the portal vein.  I destroy these harmful chemicals and substances.  Different medicines that you take pass through me.  I help you to keep up the correct amount and components of the medicines in your body and excrete the unwanted excess.  I break down various hormones, enzymes and other biologically active substances.  I prevent them from being excess in the blood.

I am also a factory.  I produce-albumin-a very important protein of your blood.  I also produce pro thrombin, which is  very important in blood clotting mechanism.  I am also  the site for synthesis of a variety of hormones., enzymes, and important products in your body.  I produce bile-a greenish fluid which acts like detergent powders.

 Jaundice, also called hepatitis, causes damage to me.  Alcohol is poison to me.  It can cause severe damage to my cells and may lead to  ‘Cirrhosis of Liver’,  if taken excess over a period of time.

I have the ability to regenerate.  Even if you destroy three-fourths of me, I can again  come back to my normal structure and function by regeneration. 

Always drink filtered and boiled water.  Hepatitis A and B vaccines are available and take them with your doctor’s advice.  It is a definite prevention against a potential cancer.

Now, I request you all  to take care of me!!

Keep away from alcohol and protect me!!


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