Sport Fishing in California: The Big Catch

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The State of California is recognized for its mammoth redwood forest, Hollywood, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Likewise, California is known for its wide stretches of white sand beaches and its sunshiny weather. Found on the western part of the United States, California is a paradise that you’ll certainly want to go to.

The following question will be how’s the fishing? Nowadays, sport fishing is getting more and more popular in the State of California. Regardless what your experience level is, you can be certain that you’ll find the appropriate type of fishing in the Golden State.

Apart from its lovely scenery, California would be able to offer you diverse and abundant marine life that you will decidedly prefer to get your tackle in to.

There are generally a lot of major fishing grounds in California that you could expect to offer you with big game fishes.

The fact that California bears about 1,100 miles of ocean coastline and 220 thousand square miles of sea waters as well as over 4 thousand lakes and reservoirs and more than 30 thousand miles of streams, rivers, etc., you can be sure to find the types of fishing you want.

Deep sea fishing is even getting popular in California. From sailfish to blue marlins, you’ll be able to catch it in California. Any fish that you want to catch, California will be able to deliver. As a matter of fact, if you’re lucky enough, you can even get some great white sharks around the coastline of this state.

If you’re into fly fishing, then California will be able to give you hundreds of fly fishing locations. In Northern California, you would be able to enjoy one of the best fly fishing locations in the world. You can try the Sierra Nevada for this type of fishing. Aside from the lush uncorrupted natural scenery, you will enjoy hundreds of fishing opportunities.

The Owens River is also an excellent place to fish for trout in California. Compared to anyplace in the U.S., you would not be able to come across a river like this one since it will allow for one of the best fishing in the country.

You can get rainbow trout particularly in the Lake Shasta. Likewise, the large big brown trout is abundant in this state.

So, whenever you’re planning to go on a fishing holiday with family or friends, California is the place to go to. Having plenty fishing grounds, you will be able to take advantage of the countless fishing opportunities that this state can give.

Just keep in mind that you must book early for your fishing charters or reservations on lodges as fishing is becoming very popular in California.

Know about the local laws about fishing and the requirements, like a fishing license. By preparing in advance,  your fishing holiday in California will go without a hitch.


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