Props to Dianna Agron For Her " Likes Girls " Shirt

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Dianna sent a message to the fans at an installment of the Glee concert: that she supports the LGBT community. She did this by instead of wearing a “Lucy Caboosey” shirt, wearing a shirt that says “Likes Girls.” While this sparked a rumor that Dianna is gay, she says that is not the intent of her outfit. She was showing support for the LGBT community in a positive way, and in a way that would reach many impressionable viewers. She followed up her action on tour with an entry on her blog.

In case you weren’t aware, during a performance of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way on Glee, each member of Glee club wore a shirt that expressed something that they were insecure about. Dianna’s character Quinn Fabray’s originally said “Lucy Caboosey,” which reflected her past as a larger girl who wasn’t as blonde and attractive as Quinn at the current moment. (Quinn’s actual name is Lucy, with Quinn being her middle name.) Additionally, Mercedes’ shirt says “No Weave” and Tina’s said “Brown Eyes.”

One of the elements of this Glee episode was Santana coming to terms with being a lesbian. Brittany tried to help her come out by making her a shirt that said “Lesbian,” which came out as “Lebanese” due to Brittany’s terrible spelling. That being said, the point was made.

Dianna, who must have felt passionate about the fact that teens should feel free to come out in a way that Santana can’t, wore the ‘Likes Girls’ shirt to spread the message.

I think that Dianna’s willingness to wear the “Likes Girls” shirt is a great message. She knew that she was putting herself out there to become a target of rumors, but she did it anyway to send a positive message to Glee fans and the world. Dianna deserves lots of props for putting herself out there and standing up for the fact that people should feel comfortable to be themselves.

Dianna wasn’t only standing up for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community – she was standing up for everyone. Per her blog, she’s making a statement that we should love everyone for who they are, regardless of whether they fit the idea of being stereotypically normal or not. Our differences make us strong, and I’m glad Dianna was willing to stand up and share the word with her fans.


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