Roll Out With Edible Survival Food List

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When we store food from a survival food list, we are using good economics. We must have a master procedure, to patiently garner, little by little, all the nutrition that we might require.

Here will I give you the principles of such a plan, the fundaments, so that you can easily see the difference between a good plan, and a better one, after you read this treatise.

In the time of an emergency, some things, which might cheer us up, are gum, tea, and candy.

If we don’t want to end up eating bad food, then we need to supplant the food on our shelves with fresher food.

We could do this by putting labels on cans, with lists, or by sorting our food on a number of different shelves. Each shelf has products that become outdated within the same period.

To start out with, when we shop we get a little extra of each item in our normal larder, until our extra food will be sufficient to last for 1 year. We do it bit by bit. Each week we buy some more extra products or cans.

Beyond that, we maintiain a goodly supply of seeds, fruits, spices, and vegetables.

Honey has a long shelf life. Choose raw honey for your health. Honey produced locally prevents allergies, in the locality, where it is created. You can put honey in cuts and wounds, for it is antibacterial.

72 hour kits are a logical place for us to begin, in stocking up for emergency preparedness. We don’t know whether we will find ourselves keeping the home front, in a car, or on foot.

The survival food list that we will need for a 72 hour kit will vary from those to be stored for years. We want things that do not weigh much and are compact. To keep it simple we want foods that are all set to be eaten. Here are some possibilities for your stash:

Fruit Cups

Pudding Cups

Canned Juice

Fun Fruits

Box Juices

Applesauce Cups

Dried Fruits

Fruit Rolls

Packages of Raisins

Cheese and Crackers



Bread Sticks

Snack Pack Cereal

Trail Mixture



Canned Meat

Beef Hash

Dried Beef


Beef Jerky

Beef Sticks


Beef Stew

Canned Fish


Granola Bars


Protein Bars

Power Bars


Hot Cocoa Mixture

Hard Candy



Canned Milk

Powdered Milk

For each person a gallon of water

You will find lots of folks, who pack food themselves, in #10 cans, in 6 gallon buckets, in 2 gallon buckets, or in mylar bags.

To store food a long time, in a permanent whereabouts, metal cans are the safest. Those cans must be packed for you beforehand, or else you must be able to use a dry-pack canning machine.

The basic survival food list for this type of stockpile includes whole grains, sugar, salt, nonfat dry milk, dried beans, and raw nuts.

Now you know what you need to know, that you can use to judge any bigger plan for getting and storing of eats for disaster preparedness. Next for you is to learn the longer term plan.

See the intelligeng plan for preparedness food storage, devised by those, who know what they are doing from experience. Fill our your complete survival food list. Visit Survival Food List.


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