Weiner Seeks Baloney. Yes George, It’s Shrinkage.

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Apparently, that hot dog of a congressman, Anthony Weiner is seeking a leave of absence from his role of Chief Peter Tweeter or whatever the hell he was doing in congress.  Perhaps he was giving those rascally republicans lessons in ethics, morality, virtue and ah…”constituent services…”

It used to be, when the religion was unassailable as well as politically correct, that when one of the rich and or famous got himself into trouble, he would seek out religious icons for counseling and political cover.  But God is no longer cool in our modern society, and that whole pedophile priest thing put a dent in the unquestioned integrity of the faith.   And there was that business with the bad make up and the cheap hookers in the church that certainly didn’t help anything.

So when you are looking for someone or something to cover up your misdeeds, God is apparently out.   What is a moral reprobate to do?

Psychiatry to the rescue!  Since most of the media has probably seen a shrink or is seeing one they all think psychiatrists are cool.  Thus the explanation that our fallen hero has experienced some sort of psychological trauma in his youth is the perfect foil.

Psychiatry is such a perfect defense that even arch conservatives use it.  When Rush Limbaugh was caught fudging the facts in order to lay hands on some more Hillbilly heroin,   he went to a shrink to get all better and to avoid any consequences.

Limbaugh brings to mind a general problem that many in positions of power or pseudo authority face.  They become legends in their own mind.  Limbaugh often says that people with whom he disagrees are “glittering jewels of colossal ignorance.”    In my opinion, both Limbaugh and Weiner are cases of glittering jewels of colossal arrogance.  They persist in the  notion that the same sort of lectures and moral imperatives that these two would doubtless deliver to others, do not apply to them.  They  consider themselves to be above all that.  Limbaugh also says of himself “talent on loan from God.”   It appears that  both Weiner and Limbaugh required excuses on loan from psychiatry–once they got into trouble.

If Weiner is exceedingly fortunate, some quack in a rehab center may prescribe anxiety lowering drugs for him.    After all, drug addiction is a perfect excuse for a skillfully planned and flawlessly executed lapse in judgement to be named later.



PS…Wouldn’t it be refreshing some day if one of these philandering politicians got caught fooling around with an octagenarian?

In fact, I am thinking of making the sole plank of my political ideology,  undergirding my run for the white house the following:  I  pledege to only have affairs with women who are older than me.  Cougarpalooza!!!   Can I count on your support?


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