Make Money Online With Clickbank Without a Website or Blogspot

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This is a big question.

The answer is an emphatic yes.

You can make money with Clickbank without having your own blogger. 

And it’s rather easy.

I actually am starting to tell people to forgo having their own bloggers.

I’ll get into why I say that later.

First, no matter what you need to find the very best Clickbank products to promote.  By best I mean products that are top-quality not only in the product itself, but also the sale’s page and marketing pitch, that sell well, have a low return-rate and have a strong demand and low to moderate competition. To check demand simply use a keyword tool and find out how many monthly searches a product’s niche is getting. To measure competition look at search engine results and also check a product’s rate of gravity. Now the marketplace is an okay place to get product information, but I highly recommend a third-party service. They will provide more data-including refund rate, momentum, sale’s history-than the marketplace. Furthermore, you’ll have more search functionality to better help you scour the Clickbank Marketplace to find products that sell.

Okay, so how do you promote products without your own blogger? The answer is to use other bloggers. Sites like,,,, and countless others. Create marketing content and upload is to those sites.  Now you’ll likely need a blog for a landing page as most networks won’t allow direct affiliate links. Those are free through Get one. Technically, I guess it’s a blogger, but it will only take you a minute to set up and it’s as easy to use as checking and responding to email.

In fact, it can take so much work to get your own blogger on your own domain positioned in the search engines that it’s often not worth it. These big sites are hugely popular, they have their own built in traffic and dominate the search engines. Google loves the article and video sites and if you write a great article and it’s titled correctly you can get far more traffic than if you had put the article on your own blogger.

Plus this route is cheap. None of these services cost a dime. Your own blogger with paid hosting is going to be a large upfront expense with continued expenses.  For the new affiliate this is the only way to go.

Find the hottest most profitable Clickbank Products using CBengine–Make Money Online with Clickbank without a Blogger. You can get mall scripts, ads and comprehensive analysis on every product available in the marketplace.


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