10 Myths About Acne!

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10 Myths ABout Acne

Because is a disease that many people face to, acne has become a very controversial topic. Some things that were said about acne are true, but many are common misconception.

First step in preventing and treating acne is to separate truth from myth. Although they seem innocent, some of these myths can aggravate acne of those who suffer from this disease.

Myth no. 1: Acne is caused by poor hygiene and if i wash more often I get rid of acne. 

If you give credence to this myth, you will make your acne worse. Acne is not caused by dirt or oils produced by sebaceous glands. It is important to keep the skin clean, but excessive washing leeds to drying and irritation. It is important to wash your face 2 times a day with a soap for sensitive skin.

Myth no. 2: Acne is caused by a diet rich in fat.

There is not a conclusive study that shows there is a connection between high-fat foods and acne. So you can eat french fries, chocolate or pizza. However, it is recommended to eat healthy if you want to get better results in treating acne.

Myth no. 3: If you use many external and internal remedies (medicines), you will soon get rid of acne.

Many acne recomended medicines contain substances which harm the skin such as peroxide or salicylic acid. Antibiotics can do more harm than good. Antibiotic treatment for acne are prescribed by doctors for those who have open wounds caused by acne and can easily infect or very severe cases of acne. It is best to follow closely the doctor advice.

Myth no. 4: If you get tanned, you can get rid of acne quickly.

Far away from the truth. The tanning just just fade spots. Exposure to sunlight only dry and irritate the skin and also ages the skin. It also worsens acne and the healing process of skin after sun exposure become longer.

Myth no 5: Acne occurs due to stress.

Stress can have an effect and can interfere with hormonal acne, but not everyday worries cause acne.

Myth no.6: If you squeeze pimples, acne will pass soon.

Not interfere in any way with the pimples because you will only worsen the situation. You can also remain with scars. Although it will disappear for the moment, that pimple will return for more time.

Myth no. 7: Acne will go away by itself in time.

Acne can be treated. You need to seek the treatment that suits you and your dermatologist can be a very good friend.

Myth no. 8: Masturbation or sex causes acne.

Is a completely false conception that has been used a lot to prevent young people having sexual relations before marriage.

Myth no.9 : Using makeup can worsen acne.

If you use sensitive skin products will not have clog pores and acne will not get worse. Conversely, certain substances in cosmetic products could have a positive effect. However, the dermatologist should be consulted before using certain cosmetic products.

Myth no.10 : Acne is not serious disease.

Although acne as a disease does not endanger the general health of an individual, it can leave both physical and mental scars.


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