How to Turn Your Garden Into a Home For Wildlife

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Let’s share our garden and get more enjoyment from it.

On one hand we have the increasing use of decking, their popularity has grown threefold over the years and now with wood composites replacing the old wooden ones it is due to grow even more.

Then on the other hand there’s AstroTurf so advanced that one article even describes some artificial lawns as “virtually indistinguishable from grass well ask any bird or worm the same question and you will get another answer

It’s no wonder we are seeing less wildlife

Couple the two with global warming and all that’s brings, its no wonder we are seeing less and less wildlife in our gardens, so as a bird lover what can you do to attract more birds and wildlife into your garden?.

Well luckily it’s very easy to change your garden into a place you can share with the wildlife that’s all around, wildlife can increase growth and beauty to any garden certain plants attract butterflies and insects which in turn would attract birds and other friendly visitors.

Feeding stations and nest boxes

 Apart from the obvious bird tables, feeding stations and nest boxes Strategically Placed around, you can supply bat, ladybird, lacewing and bee boxes all these things can be a good start; don’t forget to choose bird houses with different sized opening to attract a wider selection for the different species.

Don’t forget to feed the bird tables twice a day in the morning and again the late afternoon, and instead of a brick wall or wooden fence try planting a hedge, but if you want to keep the aforementioned then why not add a trellis to allow up or even over it all kinds of wildlife will love it.

Spare a corner

 If you have the room setting aside a corner of your garden to overgrow will be a welcome home to many you can even encourage it by leaving twigs and small branches on it, some birds love to nest in this type of habitat not to mention little shrews or field mice/

A pond can be a wonderful home to an amazing amount of different wildlife and as more and more harsh winters are on the forecast many types of bird will be looking for food and shelter

Choose the right plants

 When plating new plants choose the sort that attracts butterflies insects and birds such as Buckthorn, Buddleia and White Lilac, and plants that have berries, then sit back and enjoy your garden along with your new friends.

Just a little time spent in your garden each day can easily keep it looking good and rewards are many, your life will be improved by the little exercise it will give you, and there’s nothing better than to sit in your garden on a sunny day watching all the wildlife around busily getting on with their life.


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