X-Men First Class Review (2011)

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After watching the first three movies, I did not have much expectation for another movie.  I had gone to the movie before it was a special movie day provided by Toyota Merit – which includes dinner.   I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. 


The Beginning

The movie started before Xavier’s School for the gifted was formed.  In fact, it started before mutant was even known by the public. 

Strongest Villians

Two of the most powerful villian in the X-men universe was used in the movie – Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost.  I am not sure how close the movie is to the comic book origin.  The Hellfire club is the strongest organization the X-men ever faced.  

The ranks are formidable but in the movie only a few characters are like Riptide and Azazel together with Sebastian and Emma.  This was probably the begining.

Charles and Erik

The main story was the development of both Charles and Erik.  Erik started life in the concentration camp while Charles was brought up in a privileged well to do home.

Erik has seen the evil that men are capable of and using the cover of “just following orders” to justify their cruelty.   Charles kept looking at the goodness that men are capable of despite all the evil deeds that they commit.  Both future leaders were able to tab into their inate abilities at a very young age.


Raven who was later known as Mystique was one of the first to follow Charles.  However, it was Erik who trully accepted her appearance. 


In the moving Moira MacTarget was a CIA agent instead of a genetic scientist.  She was the main reason why Charles started recruiting mutants.

Story Buildup

The movie took its time to buildup the story.  A few key points was how Sebastian Shaw was key in building up and creating Magneto.  Another key part of the story was how Charles helped Magneto unlock his potential as well as the training Havok,  Beast and the young mutants on the use of their powers.

Main Characters

Only Beast and Proferssor X are the only main characters from the orginal X-men series.  None of the other characters are in the movie – possibly due to the fact that they have not been located yet.  Cerebro was just invented by Hank.

Final points

The movie ended in showing how humans would go so low as to try to kill those who had just saved them from armegeddon.  It also shows the two ways of responding to such inhumanity – love them despite of it or detest them and fight back.


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