Are You Tired of Shaving? End Your Pain With Nono!

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For numerous individuals (myself included), shaving just is not their cup of tea. The majority of us ladies began needing to shave while we were teenagers, and continued on into adulthood in order to keep our legs and armpits nice and smooth.

Though shaving is usually a common method to eliminate all that unwanted hair, it is not essentially the very best way. Of course it can make the hair disappear, but then after 2 days or so it just grows right back. Plus you may have the small ingrown hairs to handle, not to mention razor burn or that rash that some of us get. If you have ever had that within your bikini zone then you definitely do not need me to inform you how annoying that is!

Something else that folks attempt instead of shaving is depilatory creams. Nair can be a well-liked brand that comes to thoughts. The benefit of these creams is the fact that they do not cost a whole lot, and for by far the most part they’re rather effortless to implement. You just throw the cream on and let it sit there for a while because it basically melts the hair right off of you. Then it really is just a uncomplicated matter of wiping the hair residue away. Together with the creams you don’t deal with razor burn, which is good!

Even so, the final results that you get from utilizing these creams are not very long lasting. The hair will come back inside a couple days or so just like shaving so the effects are pretty a great deal the same, even though in my opinion the creams have much less downsides to them.

Whilst loads of persons take into consideration creams to be superior to shaving, I believe an even greater choice is actually a high tech small gadget referred to as the No No hair removal system. You run the device over the hairy portion of the body, and it emits heat that in essence burns away the hair, after which it gets rubbed away together with the included buffing pad.

There’s no pain involved whatsoever, only a sensation of heat. This really is wonderful news for folks who hate painful methods like shaving or waxing hair removal. In my individual opinion, employing the nono even feels a little good, it is like giving your self a little massage with heat. And best of all, no razor burn or bumpy rash is left behind, woohoo!

One particular downside for the nono is that it’s kind of expensive compared to other home hair removal systems, typically it runs at least a couple hundred dollars. An additional downside is the fact that you have to be very diligent about applying the nono initially to be able to produce the desired results. It really is also extremely time consuming to make use of the device for the very first couple of weeks. Nonetheless, you gradually need to have to utilize nono less and less, and the results are definitely excellent!

I kid you not, my legs keep smooth for 6 weeks at a time, in some cases a lot more! I’ve never ever had the excellent benefits I get with nono from any other hair removal program. To me, the cost of it and the time involved in the beginning stages of use are well worth being able to have smooth legs for virtually 2 months straight. And if you’re looking for a facial hair removal solution, NoNo is definitely it!

If you’d like to hear some more about nono hair, be sure you stop by my blog. I do a rundown of the device and talk about my 1st experiences with it.


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