Getting Hair Color in Columbus, Ohio

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It seems that everyone is coloring their hair these days. No matter where you look you can see people, both young and old, coloring their hair in Central Ohio.  More and more people are also experimenting with different kinds of colors to look fashionable. It is no longer just the natural brown or golden hues people are going for, but some are trying much wilder colors such as red, green and blue.

Hair coloring has actually been used for thousands of years. In fact, Ancient Greeks used to color or lighten their hair, which they identified with honor and courage. Before there was hair dye, they used harsh soaps to change the color of their hair. Evidence also shows that ancient Romans used to color and lighten their hair as well.

Today, coloring hair is a popular trend throughout the world. According to recent studies, up to 75% of women in the U.S. color their hair. Many of these women color their hair to hide their grey hair, but many also do it to make a fashion statement as well. This is most evident among young people, who are experimenting with many new hair coloring ideas. The market for hair coloring is huge and spreading all over the world.

These days there are many products for coloring hair available in the market. They range from permanent to wash-out temporary colors. A patch test should be conducted before using any coloring product to ensure the person is not allergic to the color. In case the person is found to have an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in the hair color, they should not use the product at all.

Some people lighten their hair, which is also known as bleaching and actually removes the pigment present in the hair. This process involves the diffusion of the natural color pigment or artificial color from the hair.

Permanent hair coloring products contain oxidizing agent and an alkalizing ingredient. These chemicals raise the cuticle of the hair fiber so the color can penetrate into the hair shaft. They also facilitate the formation of tints within the hair fiber and bring about the lightening action of peroxide.

In the case of temporary hair color, the pigment molecules are large so they do not penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair. It allows only a coating action that may be removed by shampooing. Temporary hair coloring products come in a variety of forms such as shampoos and gels.

Normally temporary colors are used to layer brighter colors into the hair. It is because temporary hair colorants do not penetrate the hair shaft itself. Instead, these dyes remain on top of the follicle and can be easily removed with a single shampooing.

The incorrect use of color can cause serious damage to the hair.  Coloring hair in some cases can cause breakage of hair strands, hair loss, and dry scalp.  It is always best to visit an expert to for hair coloring to avoid any kind of harm being done to hair.


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