Instruction to Maintain The Bank Transfer Scroll

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Instruction to Maintain the Bank Transfer Scroll


S J Tubrazy

 The Bank transfer scroll the object of which is to balance the transfer vouchers before the clean cash book is posted will be written up by a clerk and the entries need be checked.

As in the case of the Bank cash scrolls, only the briefest details need be entered in the particulars column. All  cheques and debit vouchers on Bank account which have been passed for payment by transfer except vouchers which are posted in a register the totals of which are carried into the transfer scroll will be entered in the transfer scroll and numbered with their scroll number, transfer credit vouchers will be similarly  entered and numbered  alter they have been initialed as being in order, unless they have been passed through a subsidiary day book of credits to accounts, or other books the totals of which are carried into the transfer scroll.

 The transfer scroll writer will brand  all cheques and debit vouchers with  a transfer paid date stamp and  will initial all credit vouchers against their  scroll number as having been passed  through the scroll. Transfer credit vouchers will not be posted in the ledgers or in the drafts, mail transfers and telegraphic transfers issued register, etc until they have been so numbered and  initialed. Exceptions to this rule are vouchers which have been passed through  a subsidiary day book of credits to accounts, these will have been branded with letter’ S’ and may be  posted in the ledgers provided they are initialed as  being passed for credit to accounts.

 While in the ordinary way there is not so much urgency in the case of transfer vouchers as in that of cash vouchers, no undue delay should be permitted in passing vouchers through the transfer scroll, especially when they entail the issuing of drafts, receipts etc. to the public. At the end of the day the totals of the subsidiary day books of credits to accounts and of other books. In which transfer vouchers not entered in the transfer scroll have been posted, will be carried into the transfer scroll, which will be closed and agreed by inclusion of the totals of the transfer columns in the Government scroll.

 The totals of the transfer scroll will then be carried by the manager into his Bank cash scroll as described above. On occasions when the transfer scroll is late in balancing the manager may defer finally ruling off his cash scroll until the following morning PROVLDED THE BALANCE OF THE CASH ITEMS HAS BEEN AGREED WITH THE CASH  BALANCE BOOK.


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