Sharing of Knowledge

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These three thoughts are exclusively my own which I wish to share in a  poetic form.

Some Poetic Creative Thoughts

Tree Of Life

Trees give shade to passers-by With luscious fruits unmistaken, Coconut water shreds man’s thirst Cherries human lust You shear my arms To make your homes, Your furniture on which You lay and rest, Ships can’t do without me. I’m the passage to your eternity, The cage in which you lay, While living Then when dead I flower in spring and Am an autumn to grieve. I recycle each season so do not grieve. But as you axe me by Do remember you need me why Are you make a handle For your axe Plant a dozen before My legs you hack For tomorrows children Will curse As you fail to give credit To an unborn generation Don’t blame God, For your folly, Plant a tree, plant a tree For the sake of memory Help save the earth From Global warming

Wait For Me

Wait for me around the edge of time when it’s my time to go hold my hands in yours. Press them to show your love Come to my arms Just for a while, As time slips Below my feet In a whiff I’m about to go Over the cliff Hold me tight Just for once more, For then who knows for sure Whether I shall be any more Your love is all I sought These years gone by How time does fly None can say But when it’s time to go Just come once my way, For it’s the last loving day For one to really say Oh loved one do please Hold on To stay The time has not yet come To go away

Sharing Knowledge

If you so distinctly remember 6th June 1944, you ought to have been born three years before, as all memories beneath three, are not recorded scientifically, ask any neurosurgeon may thee. So the earliest you could have been born is 1941 and so have your records churned. Or else let them say, you are the only one who saw the exit of the birth canal at birth.


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