Maintaining The Bank Cash Scroll

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At branches where there is no authorized passing official other than the manager the bank cash scroll will be kept by him and he will personally enter  therein all cash transactions on bank account only the briefest details the scroll must not leave the manager s possess ion and will be locked away in his sale each evening.

Cheques and debit vouchers for payment in cash will be entered in the scroll by the manager and numbered by him at the time of his passing them. They will then be sent in a pass book especially kept for the purpose to the cash department who will be responsible for seeing the sequence of numbers is unbroken.  The vouchers will be initialed for in the pass – book by the receiving member of the cash department staff on no account may they be returned to the presenters, whether the token system for cash payments is in force at the branch or not.

The head cashier is responsible for all debit vouchers being branded with the cash ‘’paid ‘’date stamp immediately they are paid, and the manager must supervise him in this matter, as any laxity is extremely dangerous.  Endorsements and receipts on vouchers in a language other than English and Urdu will be translated into English and attested by the passing official having proficiency in that language or where the passing official does not have the desired proficiency by the head cashier. After payment the vouchers will be sent by the cash department in a pass book, especially kept by them for the purpose, to the clean cash book and day book writers, who will initial for the number  of vouchers received.  

Credit vouchers in respect of cash receipts on Bank account will be signed by the head cashier and sent to the manager who will enter them in the Bank cash scroll number them with their scroll numbers and sign them against the numbers in token of their having been so entered lf the vouchers are accompanied by counterfoils, the latter will also be signed by the head cashier and must be countersigned by the manager before being handed back to the depositors. The vouchers will then be sent to the clerical department to be posted in their respective ledger accounts, etc. and will thereafter be handed to the clean cash book or day book writers.

When constituents or their messenger are waiting for drafts, fixed deposit receipts, etc. the credit vouchers, to save time. Should be sent by the head cashier direct to the clerk concerned who will forward them with the relative papers and registers to the manager, in such cases the manager will take   care to enter the cash vouchers in Bank cash scroll at the time of signing the connected documents.

In no circumstances may a receipt, Draft etc, be issued against cash, unless the amount has been recorded in the bank cash scroll and no credits to accounts in cash may be posted in the ledgers unless they have been signed as having been entered in the cash scroll. The cash portion of vouchers in which both cash and entered are included will first be entered in the cash scroll. The transfer portion being subsequently posted in the transfer scroll as described below. Composite vouchers of this nature should be avoided as far as possible. At the end of the day the manager will total the entries in the Bank cash scroll, and add thereto the total cash receipts and payments in the credit and debit scrolls. The Bank cash scroll will then be ruled off by inclusion of the totals of the Bank transfer scroll, and the opening and closing cash balances and will finally be agreed with the cash balance book. The summations must also be compared by the manger the following morning with the summations of the clean cash book and the balance of cash agreed with the shown therein.  


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