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Every internet marketer should consider implementing an email marketing autoresponder. Think about it, what is the biggest thing that most successful marketers agree on? The money is in the list, right? (Well, it’s actually more in the relationship with that list, but that’s a topic for another article 🙂 )

The bottom line is that if you want to be a successful internet marketer, you need an email marketing autoresponder to stay in touch with your list. Remember, driving traffic and leads to your business isn’t free – it takes time or money, so the smart thing to do now is gather their information so you can contact them with valuable info and offers in the future. Even if they are free network marketing leads that didn’t cost any money to generate, don’t do all that hard work and then just let them disappear forever!

Regardless of what internet marketing strategy you prefer, keeping in consistent contact with your list means you can offer them more value over time, which they will appreciate and respect you for. Remember, the customers who don’t join your business today could very well be the ones who enroll in the future.

Make sure you’re someone they are familiar with, so when they start the search for something new, you’re at the top of their list.

Someone they already look up to as a leader…

Aweber can help you do this. Aweber is a superb email marketing autoresponder and their services are very affordable, considering the how powerful their software is. You can use start using it for less than $20/month.

Here are just a few of the powerful items that Aweber brings to the table:

* Extremely reliable deliverability of messages
* Multiple email lists with an unlimited number of follow up emails for each individual list.
* Broadcast message capability in addition to automated follow up emails.
* Blog-Broadcast messages to convert an RSS feed into an automated newsletter.
* Easy to use Opt-In Form generator (You can view a tutorial video on how to do this here)

…and more – enough to fill another article, and then some…

Aweber also makes it easy to organize and track your leads with your email markeing autoresponder. With Aweber, you can actually track not only who recieves your emails, but who’s actually opening them!

One of Aweber’s great feature is the ability to see which of your subscribers are clicking on the links in the messages you send, so you can see which emails are producing results, and which ones might need to be reworked.

Aweber makes it incredibly easy to manage your email campaigns, but you can even customize messages and email series for specific readers. You cand do something simple, like include your lead’s name in the salutation of the message, or control what emails you send a specific person based on what they’ve done with previous emails.

Segregating your lists is can really take your email marketing to the next level. You can set up specific message sequences based on what emails a reader has or has not opened, or even what links they’ve clicked on.

There’s really no limit to how targeted you can make your marketing with that. If you include an offer for a specific product or service in an email, you’ll instantly know something about the leads who click on that link! You’ll know that that type of offer is exactly what they’re looking for.

Using this information, you can set up a brand new series of messages for those subscribers, specifically tailored to their interests – and after you set up the messages and settings, it all happens automatically! That’s NOT something that every email marketing autoresponder can do!

Aweber is an ideal email marketing autoresponder service to automate the process of emailing your business prospects or blog subscribers, so that once you get their attention, you’ll know you have the ability to keep it for a good long time. 🙂


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