X-Men First Class: A Must-See

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In the event of a nuclear catastrophe, a select group of animals and humans alike are bound to adapt and mutate for survival which is one of the recurring themes in “X-men: First Class”. 

“X-Men: First Class” sheds light on the X-Men saga by explaining the origins and development of the relationships between the mutants at the time that they realize and come to grips with their talents.  The prequel also shows the drama that evolves around the mutants’ secret involvement in the Cold War.  As an avid X-Men fan, “X-men: First Class” clarifies all of the other installments of the series in an adventurous way with an unsuspecting twist of events.  I’m sure that the viewer who has not followed any of the other X-Men movies won’t appreciate the explanation of the split among the mutant world between Professor X’s followers and Magneto’s followers or the fact that the two began with similar interests.  

The film begins with the introduction of Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), an energy-absorbing Nazi doctor who is willing to do anything to manipulate the powers of other mutants- including the emotional and physical torture of young Erik Lehnsherr (Bill Milner).  Erik grows into an angry man who, along with the other mutants that he meets, must learn to harness his powers.  In fact, a considerable amount of the movie follows the efforts of Charles Xavier (Laurence Belcher) also known as professor X and Erik (who become Magneto) to channel the mutants’ power and fuse them as a team to combat Sebastian Shaw’s evil intentions of nuclear war. 

The story line not only embodies details of the mutants’ relationships but also includes a general overview of historical facts including primary sources such as live footage from President Kennedy’s address and the events surrounding the Bay of Pigs invasion.  All of these elements contribute to the plausibility of the mutant involvement in shaping history and their intentions of interfering with human relations. 

As expected, the visual effects compliment all of the mutants’ super-natural powers.  January Jones plays Emma Frost, a telepathic woman made of diamonds who supports all of Sebastian’s’ initiatives.  Lucas Till plays Alex Summers also known as Havok, a fire-shooting prisoner who prefers solitary confinement.  Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence is perhaps the most impressive shape-shifting mutant adorned in blue scales and bright yellow eyes.     

Overall, X-Men First Class is an excellent action Marvel-Comic movie that all fans of the saga absolutely must see.  X-men First Class’ rating is 5 of 5.


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