Mold in The Home

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Mold in your house usually isn’t much of an issue, but in some situations whether your home is 100 years old or new construction, you could be infested by a mold problem. Mold in your house may keep growing in protected areas and it will eventually ruin your immune system.

People usually notice these kinds of issues that signal a mold infestation:

• Frequent severe headaches

• You feel better when away from home

• Sinus headaches with pressure in the eyes

• Watery eyes, sore throat, runny nose

• Extremely tired without reason

• Allergies all the time

• Black dots on your water softener

• Respiratory difficulty

• Out of character confusion

• Migraine light sensitive recurring headaches

Places in your house where there is unneeded dampness and organic material such as wood, paper, dust and insulation are susceptible to mold growth. Moisture may be caused by too much humidity in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. The moisture source allowing mold in the house could be from a dripping pipe or a {faulty|defective|aging] roof. The water may be getting down the edge of the shower due to defective caulking. These moisture areas are the frequent problem spots.

The gutters may be the water problem that is causing the mold in your house. The downspouts might need to be routed farther away from your foundation, the gutters may require cleaning, or water intrusion is happening when the snow melts each year.

Controlling mold in your house you will need to control the moisture first. Then remediate the mold, then ensure the area gets and stays dry. Mold requires water, oxygen and a contained space to cause problems. Our houses are a contained space and unless you properly use the ventillation systems and / or keep the ventilation through open screen doors.

The best and most controllable element is the moisture. Cut it off and mold won’t grow. Keep tabs on your health when you have a few of the issues outlined above and especially note if you feel best after being out of the house for several hours. That is a pretty good indication that you have an issue with mold in your home.

Mold in your house can be dangerous to your family and pets. When mold is allowed to grow unchecked it will methodically creep into your health by absolutely breaking down your immune system. That will open the door for other illnesses to infect you and that is devastating. Mold will not show itself as a disease, so doctors will treat the problems of whichever illness is showing. Meanwhile the mold will keep thriving and destroying your health.

Be sure to exterminate mold in your home before it gets a chance to unhinge your health. Be sure to stop moisture sources and continue looking for indications that could indicate mold in the house.

Hundreds of thousands of mold victims have visited and found answers to their mold issues. In many cases these folks have had unusual medical problems with mold as their root cause. They had been getting treatments for various other diseases. When new home construction methods and energy efficiency improved, mold became a bigger issue because if your home is air tight then it is mold tight too.


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