Personal Finance Software -Which One is Best?

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Some computer shy users of financial software are touting how easy they are to use not to mention how great it is to be able to accurately track the household budget with these software. Yet some programs are better than others, and you have to choose one that does what you need it to do. There are choices of simple to more advanced, some web based, some downloadable and others meant for tracking investments. We will help you here in this article with some hints for finding the best personal finance software for your needs.

Try before you buy with the popular option of a test period. If this is your first time using a particular software you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this feature.

Free trials are often limited as to what features you can access but they often give you enough access to know if it’s the right one for you. You’ll be able to find out, for example, how you like the basic set-up and if you find it easy to use. Of course you don’t want to buy a program you aren’t sure you can tolerate using so be sure to look for programs with the free trial offer. Personal Assistant Premium is not a computer program but instead it is a mobile app that is compatible with iPhones and iPod Touch. This is a very powerful app that allows you to keep track of all your financial transactions, such as credit cards, investment portfolios, bank accounts, bills and more. For an application that is sold at $6.99, it offers you quite a bit of information. Furthermore there is a version that doesn’t cost a dime, though it is not suggested if you are managing financial information that you want to keep guarded. The version that you have to pay for lets you have a password in order to maintain confidentiality, while the free version does not. If you’re unable to find your phone, the account can be disabled for the interim in order to guard your security.

MoneyStrands is a free online personal finance software that helps you keep track of your budget and gives you helpful money management tips. This program makes it simple to monitor all of your financial accounts, such as savings, checking and credit cards to give you an overall picture of your financial situation. It also has a free iPhone app that allows you to access all your data from your phone. Aside from the financial tools, MoneyStrands is something of a social network, as it encourages you to communicate with other members and exchange information and advice. Furthermore, the service offer hints to you according to your lifestyle and financial circumstances. If you want to buy the best personal finance software, you have to consider your needs, such as what kind of operating system you use, whether you prefer an online service or downloadable software and what features are important to you. With any luck, this article has brought forth some advantageous insights on the kinds of personal finance software that are on the market now. If you pick the right program, you’ll find that it’s much easier to manage your money.


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