How to Get Your Work Published

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At last you have finished your book, now what?

OK So you’re a writer, you have spent years developing your story and style and now you want to have it published, what do you do and how do you go about it? Lots of friends say after reading your work, you are a brilliant writer so it is just a matter of time before you get published isn’t it? No it’s not, getting a book published is a long slow slog, remember publishing is a business, and as in all business ideas, you not only need determination, you also need patients and luck.

Getting a book published is a tough game, so you need to be tough yourself, don’t let yourself get disheartened remember many great authors and many great books were turned down before they finally got published, it happens in all instances of getting your precious work brought to the eye of the public. The Beatles one of the most successful music bands of all time were turned down by a music company before they finally got their recording contract, they had a manager, and so do you need an agent?

The answer to this is no, but if you find a good honest agent (There are many scam agents out there) it can help, determination and how you present yourself and your book all helps.

Choose the correct publishing house

Another thing to think about is, a lot of publishing houses concentrate on certain types of books one might look for romances another thrillers so it depends on the type of book you are writing, it will stand a better chance of getting accepted if you aim it in the right direction.

Some books can be rejected many many times before it falls into the correct slot, it could save you a lot of disappointments, if you first aim for the correct target, sit yourself down and jot down a list of all the possible publishes, putting those most likely at the top, but saying that sometimes you can be surprise by who will and who won’t even look at your book.

Some publishers only concentrate on established authors (Remember it’s a business) other publishers look for new up and coming authors, try and talk to published authors, if you don’t know any there are hundreds on the Internet, you could pick up all sorts of tips, and never give up its your hard work you are selling.

I would myself not go down the self-publishing route it’s expensive, also if you answer an advert that proclaims to get your book published, check-up very carefully on them, check on the Internet and ask about them, before you pay any money or sign anything. ‘The writers handbook’ and ‘The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook’ are two very helpful publications you might like to read them.

It’s a minefield out there step carefully and good luck, we are all waiting to read your work.

“You must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head off in a drawer. You send that work out again and again, while you’re working on another one. If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success – but only if you persist”.

Isaac Asimov


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