The Magical Six Letter Word- Mother

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The six letter magical word- MOTHER

Love, Time, Patience, Importance, Trust, Priority, Faith, Hope and what not! These are the qualities which make our mothers; these are the qualities they commit to for their children. Without even flinching their eye, they sacrifice for us. A mother is not defined by the clothes she wears or the kind of food she cooks or whatever; she is defined by her in-definite love and care for her children who are the twinkling stars for her.  

 From the time we are born, they only tend to see the good in us, and always put our priorities before theirs. Our mothers have a heart of gold when it comes to their children. If their child gets a scratch while playing, they tend to get worried and become upset. That shows their love and care for us. They are always on the edge about whether we have eaten food or not, whether we are studying or whether our life is going on the right track or not. If any problem, they just leave everything and run to us, that shows our importance in their lives. I remember an instance, when I fell down from my bicycle and got hurt, but when I reached home, my mom tended to the wound and then started shouting at me for not riding the cycle properly, I was surprised but I knew that she was shouting only because she was worried and scared about what would have happened if I had got hurt severely. That day, I was ecstatic that I got her as my mother. It is even harder for working mothers because they have to balance a lot of work but they are always reminded of their responsibilities and never forget to enquire about their children and keep a track of their well being. Every mother in this world only wants the well being of her children and only wants to contribute or help in any way she can in our lives.

 Sometimes, the hard work a mother puts into the up-bringing of her child is never properly appreciated. Also, sometimes we don’t realize that and tend to offend her or make a nuisance of ourselves. Yes, we all do fight with our mothers often for reasons that are so silly that make us laugh, like the junk food we eat or that we don’t put the toilet seat down or whatever that maybe! But, we know in our hearts, that our mother is the best in the world and no one can beat her! Even though we may fight like two monkeys, but in the end we end up bonding more than ever and resemble the kissing chimpanzees! Another instance which pops into my head, where me and my mom fought like hell, and stopped talking to each other for the mere silly reason that I refused to have a dish she had made because it had vegetables I did not like. But, it ended with me having the dish and quite liking it and her proudly smiling at me.

  Our BIG egos may clash with that of our mothers, and we may fight but at the end of the day we know there is no one better who knows us inside out and no one better we would want in our lives as our mother, mentor and life saver! They are every reason why we live and why we want to succeed in life. Without our mothers we are devoid of a very important structure and support because we are made because of them, because of their sacrifices. Mother is the magical six letter word which reaches our hearts and fills it with love and affection.

I am proud to say, my mother is my reason to live, my reason to be sad, and my reason to be happy! She defines every thing I stand for, everything I stand because of.


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