Things To Do For This Summer

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The seven styles for summer 2011 are based on a particular personality type as well as a preferred lifestyle. Laidback Comfort, The Class Act, Nature Lover, Sexy Diva, The Artist, The Gold-Digger, and The Techies each have their own fashion style, as well, even though they might not be interested much in fashion or clothes. Here are some ideas for what to do this summer based on particular personality types.

  Laidback Comfort women are simple and casual as well as they tend to be athletic. They don’t care much for makeup and clothes, preferring to wear basic pants and t-shirts. Their preferred garment is their swimsuit. They can wear it all day, if they could. Their wardrobe is filled with bathing suits, cover-ups, t-shirts, sweatshirts, flip-flops, and sneakers. If they have to dress up, they will opt for a sundress, long tassel earrings, and wedges. Their makeup tends to be very natural, comprised of bronzer, nude lipstick or lip gloss, brown eye pencil and eye shadow, and black mascara. Their accessory is a waterproof watch in a bright color as well as a backpack. Even though they might not live near the beach, you will always find a Laidback Comfort person hanging out at the beach, whether sunbathing, jogging, surfing, sailing, walking their dog, doing yoga and pilates, or partying at night. Their dream house is a cozy cottage. They prefer to eat fresh, homemade food and natural juices. When they want a snack, they take a stroll to their favorite ice cream parlor, or maybe ordering take out from a Thai restaurant. They are very family-oriented, and often cook homemade food, such as soup, lemonade, and Exotic dishes for their family and close friends.

  The Class Act tends to be elegant. She wears classic clothes and accessories that never go out of style. She loves fresh roses, wines, vineyards, organic cheeses, poolside lounging, and everything French. She always looks polished from head to toe. Her makeup consists of red lipstick, barely there pink blush, and brown eye shadow, pencil and mascara. This summer, she will mostly be seen wearing a sunhat with wide brim, large and black sunglasses, tote bag, and ballet flats. When she isn’t wearing her sunhat, her hair is either in a neat bun or a chignon. She wears minimum accessories of only diamond earrings or pearls and a watch. She will be busy hosting many lawn parties or soirees.

  The Nature Lover is into eco-friendly products and she is very environmentally aware. She is currently busy growing her own organic garden. Her hobbies tend to be ceramics as well as cooking homemade and organic vegetarian food from her own garden. If she is not making her own homemade ice cream, she will drop by at a yogurt shop for a cool treat or a coffee shop for an ice coffee drink. She tends to shop at vintage stores. She makes sure to buy products that have been recycled. This summer, you will see her wearing denim, khaki, beige, fedora, and espadrilles. She will also be wearing sandals with straps that wrap around the calf, and buckle at the knee area. She will carry a khaki-colored or denim tote bag.

  Sexy Diva enjoys being the center of attention. She goes to spas on a monthly basis for waxing, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow maintenance, and eyelash extensions. Her favorite place is Beverly Hills. Besides loving herself so much, she also loves glamour and sparkle. She is always wearing diamond jewelry, carrying a clutch with sparkling gems of amethyst, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and onyx. She wakes up at 5:00am to walk the dog, and she walks her usual trail so she could stop by her favorite places. From the flower market and farmers market to a bookstore, sandwich shop and the dog park. On her walk, she is wearing a mini dress with a nice belt that cinches her waist as well as a diamond necklace and some bangles. Her home is decorated with photographs of herself.

The Artist loves color, and is daring enough to wear bold and bright colors, especially last season’s style of wearing three bright colors together. This type also has an individualistic style. Such pieces include a plastic-rimmed eyeglasses in a clear color and bright-colored shoes with modern cutout design as well as handcrafted jewelry of stones or bead on a cord, woven bracelets from colorful threads, and handmade bangles from exotic fabrics. She loves to browse in art galleries, as she enjoys the cocktails, cheese, wine and hors d’oeuvres. She also likes to check out architecture with interesting shapes as well as glassblowing and hand-blown crystal vases.

 The Gold-Digger is often found on a jet because she is always searching for Mr. Rich. She attends art galleries just to meet wealthy people. Her favorite place to hang out is Beverly Hills, especially at Rodeo Drive. Besides browsing in the boutiques, department stores, and art galleries, she also checks out vintage stores because they have one-of-a-kind finds. If she has time, she drops by the Beverly Hills Hotel to hang out at the poolside cabanas. She also enjoys checking out the artwork in the streets exhibition. She doesn’t have much clothes and accessories because she always saves her money for the most expensive clothing. She always buys big designer labels, such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Versace, Chanel, etc., to appear richer than she actually is. Her preferred bag is a carryon suitcase with wheels that she pulls everywhere she goes, traveling all over the world. Besides her expensive clothes and shoes, she also carries with her a compact camera as well as a designer small pillow, blindfold, blanket, and towel set. When she is not on a jet, she drives a land rover to estates, private beach houses, and mansions, always on-the-go seeking luxury.

  The Techies are into electronics, gadgets, computers, digital products, and computerized products. They love futuristic-looking and space age products. They love science fiction movies, TV series and books. They appear technical professionals because of the plain attire in pale neutrals as well as navy, black and gray clothes. A Techie woman wears a simple watch with Roman numeral digits and black band, a simple purse with long strap, and a simple beige pump. Since she lives in the city because of her work, she often goes to the country to relax and unwind. On weekends, she wakes up early to go to a yoga studio before she stops by her favorite café for brunch. Since everything in her home is digital and computerized, she forgets how to do anything manually. There are also some geometric-shaped furniture and fixture inside her home.

  All these women will stay cool this summer, dressed in all-white attire. Fishnet blouses, tank tops and jackets as well as dresses, blouses, and pants in sheer fabrics are also popular for this summer.


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