Something About Myself

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last night I dream of my sister.we on the bus,went somewhere.she just tied and sleep on my a senior high school freashman,she go to a boarding school,which much difference from junior hight school.she gave me surprised when like is to monitor.sometime I think she was shy,but from this part,maybe I was wrong.congratulation!and,on the otherhand,we need communication,when I stay home,I spent little to tolk with her,play with her.

time flies!we all grow up!how can we keep time?we change,we need face the change,we need accept it.

I wake up near 11:00this morring,what gloomy,there is no watter.then 15min later,it came…for gud’s shake!today is my friend’s birthday, planing to KTV.nine person,with the sunny day~~

my friend,su,said,my song is very good!…..almost,it deseve to that!

now,I can say,my songs not bad.

when I was a freshmam,I sung a song named “firework” ,and was sought after the song.the day,deep into my mind,the boy’s day.

7:00 I back to my school,a lecture,by professor LI,benifit me so much,thanks!

in his lecture,there are four words,which lay sterss on,”let it go”,”if you let yourself,you can go;if you cann’t let yourself,you cann’t go”.as a job hunter,remeber,let it go,when out of university,just forget all happen in your school.

self-effcaing,leaning,and most improtant belive in yourself,dont let kinds of matters change your mind,about our values,our dream.

all days I feel lonely,

so may men around,

and many tings waiting for me,

how cound that be?


just give me the room to spend with aridity.

the quite moment,

when it turn out?

I deep into my dream,

the beauty,the passion,the smile

so vague.

maybe,happiness like wind pass by,

we just feel it one moment.

for someone,life is a long time,

for someone,lift is short.

due to the different values,

we showing different life style,

and the different view of happiness.

I want a heavy rain

topple over my feeling

what world will like to be after that?

maybe like a painting

it’s too beautiful to  be touched and faded  away

in the water.

however,I just want it take my tired away


she cannt heard me

like you never known where I standing and looking you

from a distance

I want a heavy rain

I dont need a umbrella 

just like you dont need my missing to you



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