Dead Space 2 Game Review

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The first Dead Space was a huge success that did not take in much criticism from fans. Gamers enjoyed the space horror vibe and slice and dice gameplay so much that several lamented the lack of a multiplayer mode. While strategically taking apart Al opponents is still a central element of the single-player experience in Dead Space 2, splitting live opponents apart online as a necromorph or a human seems evenly enticing.

Since this is the first multiplayer outing for the Dead Space franchise, the team at Visceral analyzed games like Left 4 Dead for inspiration. Dead Space 2 multiplayer features four-on-four matches around five objective-based maps genuine to the multiplayer campaign. Every match is composed of two rounds, one of which you play as Sprawl security guards and another in which you command necromorphs. Humans are fitted out with special abilities like stasis and memorable weapons like the pulse rifle, plasma cutter, and line gun. Necromorphs are more melee centered, with a couple of ranged attacks that primarily involve spewing toxic bile on opponents. As players run through the maps, weapons can be upgraded and necromorph attacks step-up in damage while players level up.

Visceral exhibited one of the five objective-based multiplayer maps, Titan Mine. Inside this map humans scuffle to collect three parts of a shock mine necessary to open a passageway. All the while, necromorphs are on the prowl set up to rip humans to shreds and forbid them from getting to their goal. Playing as a human is second nature if you are acquainted with the single-player campaign, as the control scheme is still the same. Necromorphs take a bit getting used to, but once you master their attacks, laying down the hurt on Sprawl security is a smash.

Playing as one of the demon childly Pack creatures affords you to scuttle toward a human, leap onto them, and rip away with your claws by actioning quick button presses such as the Hunter character from Left 4 Dead. This results in the human victim being vulnerable to other attacks. As the name entails, Pack creatures are most efficient in groups. The other necromorphs bring other powers to the table. Lurkers can scale along ceilings and walls and deliver long-range fire, leaving an unsuspecting adversary below open for attack. It’s an excellent way to startle your foes. The Spitter and Puker can switch between melee and projectile bile spewing from several ranges, leaving opponents having burning faces covered with goo. Learning the strengths of each of these character forms keeps things brisk and fun.


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