Constellations As Seen in The Night Sky

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Looking upon the clear night, one can be able to see countless stars in the sky. The astronomers currently have identified about 88 constellations. Constellations are familiar patterns of star formations that can be seen in a night sky.

The names of the constellations are patterned after the names of the people, animals and some objects. These names usually come in Latin. Since some constellations might be given different names by people from different places. Latin names will serve as the constellation’s original or universal names.

Constellation’s such as Cassiopeia, Persius, Andromeda and Orion are examples of the name that are patterned from humans. Constellations such as Pegasus, Ursa Minor and Ursa Major are examples of the names that are patterned from the animals. Some constellation’s names are patterned from objects such as the constellation Telescopium patterned from the Telescope and Microscopium from the Microscope.

There are some configurations of stars such as the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper are thought by others as constellations. Actually, these configurations of stars are not really constellations on their own; they are just part of another constellation. The Big Dipper is a part of the constellation Ursa Major and the Little Dipper is a part of the Ursa Minor constellation.

There are twelve constellations that can be found along the path of the sun, as this light travels across the sky. This path is called as the zodiac and it encompasses the apparent paths of the planets.

The ancient people designated these constellations as the “reigning stars”. They assigned one constellation to every month of the year as they believed that these constellations have an influence to the people’s lives as well as the events on earth.

There are certain experts who believe that constellations have an influence on the people’s lives as well as on the events on the planet; they are called as the astrologers. Astrologers analyze the constellations, their positions, the planets that pass through these constellations as well as the dates of birth of individuals and oftentimes they make predictions out of it.

Some people believe in astrology. They believed with the influence of the constellations in their life and made astrology as a guidance in their daily living. Other people don’t believe it. They argued that constellation or a star have nothing to do with human life or on the events on Earth and Astrology is just a part of ancient belief.

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