Star Configurations in The Universe

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There are billions of stars in the universe and scientists are still unable to determine their exact number. The stars scattered in the vastness of the universe and they are light-years away from us. The nearest star in our planet is the sun. Many thought that the sun and the star are different but actually they are the same; they differ only on the distance form us.

When you look upon the night sky, you can see some familiar patterns of star forms. These configurations of stars are called as the constellation. The constellation may resemble an animal an object or a human form.

There are about 88 constellations that have already identified by the astronomers. Due to the fact that constellation might be given different names by people in different places, Latin names have been given to them.

There are constellations that were named after objects; some others were named after animals; still others were name after humans. Among of the constellations that were named after humans are Orion, Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Persius. Among of the constellations that were named after the animals are Pegasus, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. The constellation Telescopium was named after the object Telescope while the constellation Microscopium was named after the object Microscope.

There are other some well known star configurations but actually, they are not a constellation but just a part rather of another constellation. One example is the Little Dipper which is originally a part of the Ursa Minor constellation and the Big Dipper which is originally a part of the Ursa Major constellation.

Found along the path of the sun, as it travels across the sky are the 12 constellations. This path is called as the Zodiac and it encompasses the apparent paths of the planets (These 12 constellations are where the Zodiac signs were originated).

The ancient people believed that the shapes as well as the patterns of the stars have an influence in the people’s lives as well as on the events on Earth. With this they assigned each month of the year to a specific constellation.

Today, there are experts who believe on the influence of the stars, planets, and their positions on the people’s lives and Earth events. These people make regular forecast about people’s life based on the constellation’s stars, planets that pass through these constellations as well as in the people’s date of birth; they are called as the Astrologers.

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