The Manifest Function of Education

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Education plays significant roles in society. These roles have become important parts of nurturing the people towards their social development, toward other their relationship with other people and towards the society itself.

Education has different manifest function (Javier et al, 2002). These functions are social placement, promoting social and political integration, socialization, agent of change, transmitting culture and social control.

It is because education and the educational institution identify the most possible qualified people that will fill the positions that are available in society, education is considered as one of the agent of social placement. Through education, one’s social status in the society had been identified.

Education also promotes the integration of the social and political aspects of society. The educational institution functions to promote social as well as political integration in society. It is done by making the diverse religious and ethnic groups transformed into a single or one society that shares a common identity. Different groups that are divided by religion or ethnicity are being bring into one through education into a society that share some common characteristic.

Education also acts as an agent of socialization. From the kindergarten to elementary, high-school and college years, the educational institution teaches us different specific academic subjects, political socialization as well as the role of the students as student. In the college years, students are exposed into different and new areas of research and studies.

Education also acts as an agent of change. It stimulates and brings about desired social changes in society. By serving as a meeting ground, the institution also promotes social change. This meeting ground is where each of the distinctive belief as well as the tradition of society is shared. An increase in formal schooling years has been revealed to be associated with one’s openness to the new ideas as well as on more liberal, social and political points of views according to some studies.

Education also acts as a social control. The educational institution teaches us certain values such as being disciplined, being obedient, being punctual, being respectful and the like. It also teaches the young’s with conformity and encourage them to be a good student, a good future worker, to be a law abiding citizens, to be a good citizens and the like. Through they way of teaching, good values are being imposed to the students that will eventually make them a good and well developed individual in the future.

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