Astrologers And Astronomy

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There are certain people that use to associate the life of humans with the stars or the constellations in the sky. According to them, some patterns of stars in the sky have influence on the individual’s life as well as the other events on Earth; these people are the astrologers.

Astrologers believed that the lives of the people as well as the events on Earth are influenced by the stars, the planets as well as by their positions in the sky. They analyzed the life of the people by looking upon the dates of birth in relation to the stars of some constellations as well as on the planets that pass through these constellations.

This belief was originated from the ancient people who designated some of the twelve constellations as the “reigning stars”. The constellations that were designated as the reigning stars are the constellations that can be found along the path of the sun as it travels in the sky. This path is called “zodiac” and it encompasses the apparent paths of the planets.

The ancient people assigned one constellations to each of the month of the year and they believed that the shape or the pattern of the stars have something to do or influenced the lives of the people on earth. In astronomy, constellations are configurations of stars; these are familiar patterns of stars that form in the sky. They were named after humans, animals and some others were named after objects. The constellation Telescopium was named after the object telescope and the Microscopium was named after the object microscope.

Orion, Cassiopeia, Persius and Andromeda are among of the constellations that were named after human names. The constellations Pegasus, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are among of those which were named after animal names. Because the same constellation might be given different names by different people in different places, constellations had been given Latin names to avoid confusion. The Latin names will serve as the universal name for the specific constellations.

The Big Dipper and the Little Dipper are well known configuration of stars. Many people thought that these are constellation but these are just part of other constellations. The Big Dipper is just a part of the Ursa Major and the Little Dipper is just a part of the Ursa Minor constellations. To date, there are about 88 constellations that had been identified by the astronomers.

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