Constellations; The Patterns of Stars in The Sky

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The stars are those small and twinkling things that we usually see in the sky especially in a clear night. Stars me look like small but actually they are very large objects. Our sun is one of these stars which give heat and energy in the solar system where our planet Earth belongs. There are so many stars in the universe that until now there total numbers is not yet determined.

There are some stars that when grouped together resembles a form of human, an animal or another object in the night sky. These star configurations are called as the constellations.

There are about 88 constellations that have been identified by the astronomers. Some constellations had been given human names; others had given animal names while others had been given names of objects.

Different constellations might be given different names by different people in different places and time. With this, confusion might arise since one constellation might be associated with several names. To avoid this, Latin names were given to the constellations to serves as their universal names.

The constellation names Andromeda, Persius, Orion and Cassiopeia are the names patterned from human names. The constellation names Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Pegasus are examples of the names patterned for objects such as Microscopium pattered from the microscope and Telescopium patterned from the Telescope.

Some other group of stars or configuration of stars became so popular that they where thought to be constellations. Examples are the stars named Big Dipper which is actually a part of the constellation Ursa Major and the Little Dipper which is actually a part of the Ursa Minor constellation.

There are about twelve constellations that can be found along the path of the sun as this heavenly body travel across the sky. The path in which the sun travelled is called as the zodiac. People in ancient times used to associate these twelve constellations to the twelve month of the year. They designated these constellations as the “reigning stars”. Accordingly, they believed that the lives of the people as well as the events on the Earth are influenced by the shape or the pattern of the stars.

There is what we call as the “Astrologers”. Astrologers believe with the so-called influence of the constellation to people and events. They use to analyze the constellation, the planets that pass through these constellations as well as on the birth dates of people in their interpretation.

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