Alphabet Party – Decorate With Letters

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Decorate your party room with the letters of your fist (you can get a lot of them in any store for teachers). The main use paper tablecloths and color. Balloons in the color of the decoration of primary (and each ball with the name of each child attending the party, with lyrics of truth to store the pieces.)


Food for kids to make sandwiches cut letter (tuna, egg salad and peanut butter), using all kinds of breads to add color (white wheat, etc) For dessert, serve the cookies and make a cake recalls the large block alphabet letters of the alphabet (using a square pan and layer 5 above the other and they all do) and if the child is four or five letter name to put a letter to both sides of the cake in the first, if you have 5 letters!

Extra bags:

Buying a gift the size of brown paper bags bags (craft store) and in front of each bag seems to paint a board alphabetical often block the line around the perimeter and the letter attached to the cuts front (the first letter of each child (foreign) name. Fill the bags with the word search book (depending on the child’s age), or the magnet alphabet book, a small block alphabet (the first letter of your name), and the tail behind the letters of the alphabet coloring Crayola’s website (print), Oreos chocolate ice over a letter (on Popsicle sticks and a dip in Oreo Oreo cookies with melted dark chocolate , let dry on waxed paper and use pipe icing to write a letter, wrapped in colorful scarf and tie serum color of the tape.)

Games Crafts / T:

Count White shirts before buying a craft store (for each child attending) and iron on transfer paper for your computer. Find a program that will allow letters of the letter of the alphabet (I used the American Greetings card Create business cards with cute children holding stick each letter) letter of each child in the print paper, then iron on the front of each shirt the day each child find the letter and ask them to print their hands on the back of the shirt (fabric painting) at the beginning of the game, so hopefully if it dries before returning home.

children’s birthday party games:

Take a group photo of children dressed in their shirts and sends his thanks. Make the party boy / girl to have on your shirt or sweatshirt (y), to greet their missions. Playing card …. Hide lyrics cut (the spelling of birthday boy / girl “) around the house or yard and the customer is the most cards win a prize.

Bingo Thurs musical alphabet

you can find music of all toy stores for kids or shop teacher (who teaches the alphabet), I had a great CD called Sing A to Z by Sharon, Lois and Bram. Name Bracelet … account whether children the alphabet and the sequence (a craft store) and have a work room where they can make their own band name (girls) or the name of the group (children). I did it for my son when he turned, and was a huge success.


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