Great Benefits Thinking Small Biotechnology And Nanotechnology

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Often we assume technological change. Many of us would not be here to read this if not for the new medical advances.

We can see the change in other fields as well. computing power and software previously only reflections of science fiction writers are commodities. Intel founder Gordon Moore first described the technology break through in 1960.

Moore was a trend throughout the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Observation rate density of transistors on integrated circuits doubles every 24 months, also said the cost per transistor was also halved. Extrapolating this trend, Moore predicted to continue in the future. Now famously known as “Moore’s Law,” has proved prophetic.

I would point out, however, that the principle of technological improvement over the small increase is spread over a much larger field of semiconductors. Smallness is playing in many industries.

We are witnessing an increasing ability to precisely manipulate and assembly of materials on a scale measured in nanometers. As you know, a nanometer is one billionth of a meter, and comes from the Greek root meaning “dwarf.”

The technology that operates at this scale is called nanotechnology. Increasingly, it is blurring the boundaries between different scientific and technological fields. Instead of delving into the matter at the macro level, we are developing the ability to build things at the molecular level. This was the subject of the famous Nobel laureate Richard Feynman in 1959 talk There is plenty of room in the background. We’re starting to do a lot of things dreamed up by Feynman, who is considered the father of nanotechnology.

Thus, nanotechnology is helping us solve problems and improve life. In fact, our ability to manipulate matter at the most basic level is already changing the way we do almost everything. New advances in medicine, energy and electronics will be driven by the nanotechnology revolution.

The importance of this change to civilization is the discovery of fire and metallurgy. Future historians will point to the change of nanotechnology will be held sometime in late 20th/early 21st centuries. Visionary investors who take advantage of this change in turn, investments in small fortunes.

The new products will be radically different from anything we’ve seen so far. This is true even if made from common elements otherwise. In nature, for example, we see how the substances have very different physical properties depending on how the atoms are arranged.

Let me give an example. In a way, the carbon is soft. Called graphite, which is cheap, and it also comes very easily. This makes it useful in pencil or as a lubricant. However, when carbon atoms are joined in a slightly different shape of the diamond, the hardest natural substance (and expensive, too.)

However, nanotechnology has given us the ability to design carbon agreements that are not found in nature. In recent years, researchers have learned how to assemble carbon atoms and in entirely new ways. Two of them, carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets, are the most potent substances known. They also have many other unique features that are only beginning to be profitably exploited.

True to the prediction of Moore, nanotechnology is already affecting the computer chip industry in a big way. constantly chip manufacturers package items and shrinking on a silicon wafer. While working at the nanometer scale, however, the manufacture of chips is usually done by cutting or engraving a material base.

Finally, the physical limits of how small we can build in this way can be achieved. In the future, instead of removing the material, equipment components can be grown from single molecules. This not only will extend Moore’s Law for some time to come, but create entirely new type of computers. In these smaller scales, quantum effects become more important. Computers that exploit these quantum effects will be much more powerful than anything available today.

Biotechnology, of course, nanotechnology has been a practice long before it became fashionable. Few areas are feeling the impact of nanotechnology in these moments of medicine. The discovery of the DNA molecule in the 1950 and the development of ways to read and manipulate that have set the stage for major breakthroughs.

Nanotechnology is a natural way of medical advance, since our bodies are built from cells nanomachine. Improved tools and models to understand how these biological nanomachines work have opened new avenues for treating disease.

This means that the human cell is no longer a black box. Not only know more about what is going on inside cells, can also control what they do. Nanotechnology is to unravel the secrets of cell biology and convert the cell into a horn of plenty. This is literally true when it comes to agricultural science.

Greater knowledge of how cells work at the molecular level enables us to create computer simulations of how they work. This greatly accelerates the drug discovery compared to traditional laboratory techniques. Instead of random testing existing compounds, the molecules as they are discovered to selectively target only the parts of the cell to be changed to cure the disease.

Molecular nanotechnology is the design of carrier molecules that can carry therapeutic drugs directly into cells. There, the greatest benefit and minimize side effects. Researchers are still developing the ability to control how genes are expressed in individual cells. This creates opportunities for healing most of the genetic causes of human diseases.

Also the development of therapies that can create new youth outside cells adult stem cells. These cells can be used to regenerate damaged tissue. Moreover, nanotechnology raises the possibility of reversing the process of cellular aging by repairing molecular damage within the cells themselves.

Pathological nano-machines, known as viruses, are being targeted too. Some of the worst that we have avoided for decades can be cured.

The landscape of all the technology holds great promise and great investment opportunities are being created.

I hope this post has provided some background and evidence that efforts are being made with powerful technology to nanotechnology and biotechnology. These activities will soon provide an alternative wealth creation opportunities and our economy will be much stronger.

I support a quote from Steve Forbes. Forbes said that the achievement of financial education and thus increasing our financial expertise (including the investment potential of technology) will open their eyes to the richness of creation of alternative strategies and this will be the key to solving our financial crisis world.

For financial education is necessary, it is best to seek association with the access and membership in a community wealth creation. As a result, you will learn and the knowledge to use alternative wealth creation strategies such as the World Bank itself, debt reduction and asset protection. You will be exposed to accelerated investments in the areas of wealth (discussed in posts on this blog and previous), as applied to biotechnology, nanotechnology, biotechnology and nanotechnology to converge with the semiconductor industry, the electric cars, new access to space, virtual 3D technology, atomically precise manufacturing, nuclear power generation, commercial enterprises in space, the Carrier Ethernet technologies, lithography, nanotechnology, robotics, next-generation batteries Nano-base, precious metals, water rights, oil, natural gas, potash mining, food products, and gold mines. You have the necessary expertise to consider investment in assets that are inherently useful as oil rigs, hydro or methanol, things that are difficult to build, difficult to replace and expensive to replace, financial stocks are definitely not, definitely not Retail stocks is definitely not commercial property.

Another benefit of belonging to a community wealth creation is exposure to business leadership and business opportunities. Many of these leaders suggest that if you do not focus on being a digital entrepreneur, being self-employed or own a small business, will be a very hard road in the coming months and years will actually be an uphill battle . As a result, communities innovative wealth creation provide education and training in the B2B and B2C e-commerce enables a new generation of professionals who are creating the second six-figure income.

It’s a good idea to control the technology advances, as there are really exciting developments underway to business activities related to nanotechnology and biotechnology. I will continue to monitor developments and provide updates in future articles and my blog.

Finally, I want to thank Patrick Cox of Agora Financial since it was the origin of some of the materials on technological advances mentioned in this post.


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