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While many cell phones today rely on real time applications, the android phones operate on software using the more complicated operating system.

Iphone directly competes with the G1 in terms of web capabilities as both use Webkit to power the browser. One standout point of any android phone is its ability to do multiple applications at one time, unlike other cell phones. For someone who wants to do multi-task, the Android phones make a good choice.

Developers can use the Software Development Kit to develop applications for the Android phones. Modifications that can improve the system are constantly being developed. Additionally, no one manufacturer is associated with the Android cell phone. Different manufacturers can use the Android platform in their own innovative products, unlike the Iphone. Sprint and Toshiba, along with T-Mobile all have android cell phones in their product lines. Add to that list HTC, Samsung, At&T, and Motorola.

Android phones are know for their large screens and many different uses. Most users have to do a daily battery charge, but only because it has so many features that the users take advantage of on a regular basis. Being customizable is a big plus for the Android, although some Iphone users believe that interface is easy for the owner to figure out. Some Iphone users also prefer Iphone for music and movies, but the androids are great for everything else.

People love the apps and choices that android phones offer, and websites look like you are on a real computer when you are using the androids. Facebook looks great, and many people spend a lot of time on it. Currently, Android is leading the pack in the market of smart phones.

The best android phone is probably the powerful 4G of the HTC Thunderbolt, which retails in a price range from $130 to $175. Released in March 2011, it is a great choice for those who really want a high functioning 4G cellphone. It is super fast, and is perfect for users who use high bandwidth video applications, video streaming, and gaming. It is comparatively sturdy with a 4.3 inch screen. The only drawback to the Thunderbolt noted is all of the extra software that it comes loaded with. All in all, it’s an awesome android phone.


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