Easy Ways to Flatten Your Tummy And Look Younger

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You can look younger after flattening your stomach. Easy ways to get your stomach flattened are as follows:

1. Drink 8 – 10 Glasses of Water Daily.

Drinking lots of water daily would help to flush your system of clogs and impurities. So, drink lots of water daily, up to 8 – 10 glasses. Drinking much water daily, would make you to eat less food. This is so because; the water would reduce hunger pangs, which would have caused you to eat much. Much water helps in digestion, thereby removing the problem of a bloated tummy. Lots of water taken daily would help to flush any bloating your experience.

2. Avoid or Stop the intake of Alcohol.

Alcohol is dangerous to your health. Medical report say that alcohol causes bloating of tummy, due to its ability to cause the accumulation of fat in the stomach, by raising cortisol levels in the body. Alcohol is also known to dehydrate the body, leaving patches of bloats in tummy.

3. Consume More Fiber Daily.

Fiber in your diets would help prevent bloating due to constipation. Fiber diets also help to reduce your weight, including tummy weight gain. Cut down your intake of carbohydrates, such as white bread and white rice. To get fiber you need, take vegetables, fruits, brown, and whole wheat bread.

4. Eat Balanced and Small Portions of Food or Meals.

Eat small portions of food or meals throughout the day, than eating 2 – 3 big portions. Smaller portions eaten many times a day would help digestion to take place faster, to avoid giving your tummy a bloated look.

Eat healthy snacks like almonds every morning and night, which help in burning fat, and sometimes just take desserts, all these helps to flatten your tummy.

Consume calcium diets or take it as a daily supplement of 1000mg to 1200mg. This would help keep your bones strong, and avoid fractured bones that cause slump looks. Avoid much intake of whole milk, it causes bloating of the tummy.

5. Engage in Daily Regular Exercise.

Exercise for 30 minutes to one hour indoors and 30 minutes to one hour outdoor daily or five times a week. Go jogging, swimming, brisk walking, and running. Do weight lifting, bench press to build your chest, and practice perfect posture exercises. Also, always sit and stand straight. Never slump when sitting down. Be active daily. Exercise would help your system to be able to burn fat faster, thereby eliminating the problem of a bloated tummy.

6. Do Deep Breathing Daily.

Make sure that you do deep breathing for about 5 minutes daily. This should involve breathing from your abdomen, and not from your chest. So, try to take the deep breath from your lower abdomen. This would help to pull your tummy back and help the burning of fat.

7. Avoid a stressful Life.

Medical report say that too much of stress results in increases in levels of a hormone, called cortisol levels, thus enabling fat to be sent to the stomach. You must manage stress appropriately. Learn to rest well and eliminate stressful activities.

8. Quit or Stop Smoking.

As in stress, smoking is also reported to raise levels of cortisol. This causes smokers to have increases in abdominal fat, thus a bloated tummy.

As you seek to flatten your tummy, do not give up easily, just follow the above tips, and you shall get a flattened tummy that gives you fitness and a younger look you desire. 


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