Adarsh Society: Land Belonged to Army as Per New Revelations

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 Defence Estate Officer (DEO) Gita Kashyap submitted “documents” to the commission research indicates that land belonged to the army.

Survey “Doc” of India 1957 and Plan Backbay reclamation area, which clearly shows that the military office there was a small part of the country (Adarsh ​​building that stands today) Block VI, which was held by local military authorities (AML) since 1941. In the light of revelation, Kashyap pointed out that although the country is in possession of the military since 1941, the state government did not ask if they could be renting land, and that there was no doubt on the back.

The case was revealed during Kashyap cons of consideration by the commission lawyer, attorney Dipan Merchant earlier this week. Merchant referred to a letter dated April 6, 1941 sent by the then military realtor HQ station to which the plan was established in 1957.

The letter refers to the ongoing excavations at the site and he said “. It is not known if the work is performed by MES or some Encroach to encroach on land that is in the possession of Defense “In another statement, which could prove a major set back to the state government, which claims ownership of land, “said Kashyap, according to letters and documents available to the land in question was in use by the federal government, as far as the 1941st

Kashap said, “the property being leased or licensed, and no rent is paid or if the state government had asked the same thing. But the army was in possession of the land according to the records.” However, Kashyap said she was unaware of the exact date when the army was in possession of the land.

A statement in the same letter adds: “This part of the country where building of defense are, is original and not for recycling have been involved since the buildings in place since 1941 or even earlier, has never been the only regeneration be seen in this area has been. swamp as the map shows the 1957 survey. “Kashyap said that this particular statement was true.

Minutes of a meeting held between the then commander of the sub-area and high-level officials on the issue of land ownership July 20, 1975, also appeared before the committee and a series of letters on property land. The minutes said: “Some of the land was used for the defense since 1941, even before the promulgation of the Constitution so that the issue of usurpation of land from the state government does not arise.”


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